Best Online Payment Gateways In Canada

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Canada’s e-commerce continues to grow, prompting Canadians to consider the availability of e-payment applications in Canada for both Canadians and expatriates. Users choose to pay online payment using an IRCC tool on the Internet by creating an account and then selecting The service would like to pay the cost of providing an email address. Once the payment has been approved, the customer will receive a payment receipt by email. we will discuss payment gateways in Canada.

Payment Gateways In Canada

Google Pay 

Google Pay is the most popular online payment solution for Android phones in Canada and is also compatible with credit and debit cards for most Canadian financial institutions. The app provides a list of financial institutions that can be linked with Google Pay. Google agrees with eBay credit and debit cards, and tickets.

google pay payment gateway

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is one of the first e-wallet payment applications that reach Canada and is used throughout Canada by major retailers such as McDonald’s, Staples and Tim Hortons. It also features security, depending on the token, and requires a fingerprint or fingerprint for the user before processing the payment.

apple pay


Although PayPal for mobile calls itself a wallet name, it’s not an e-wallet. the way Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay. With the PayPal payment application, the user can only send and receive money and can not pay for purchases by clicking on a merchant where money can be sent to anyone anywhere in the world as long as you know their email or mobile number and have a PayPal account with no fees To send this money from your bank account or PayPal.

PayPal Payment - Payment Gateway Providers


Alibay is a Chinese online and mobile payment platform that allows users with only a Chinese ID or bank account to pay online in Canada. Used by retailers with a large Chinese tourist or expatriate customer base who began offering Alipay as an electronic payment method. There are also complaints that the application itself has not been fully translated into English and therefore requires fluency in Mandarin or Cantonese.

Samsung Pay

A convenient and simple way to make mobile payments at a selection of Samsung phones as it has become widely used in Canada since its arrival in 2016. Contains a secondary security step that requires authentication via PIN or fingerprint.

Customer will need to pay electronic to:

Online payment by credit card includes a cvv which is a digital code consisting of 3 or 4 digit code usually located on the back of a credit card.

Pay online through a debit card from a Canadian online bank using Interac Participation or a discount entry visa.
Master Card.
American Express.
Japan Credit Bureau (JCB) and prepaid credit card.
Print a copy of the receipt.
Attach a copy of the receipt of the application.
Send this version with a specific IRCC office application by processing as instructed by the application.

Customers who do not enter the correct cvv and/or word will not be able to pay online as the transaction will be rejected.
If the customer does not receive a payment receipt by e-mail, he can return to the IRCC website and retrieve the official receipt using the Create Account.

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