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Online Bill Payment and How To Encourage It

New studies of the widespread use of online bill payment in companies and shops are largely due to numerous benefits such as reduced costs of billing and others, so many companies are now using the best electronic payment methods.

Importance of Using an Online Payment

The electronic payment has many advantages for the companies that use them in all transactions with customers. Some recent studies indicate that the use of electronic payment provides many financial costs to companies.

The cost of handling about 500 bills paid by check was compared with 500 bills paid through the Internet, plus the expense of paper and printing, envelopes, mail, and employee time.

They found that the cost was about $ 2,000 per month, while the cost of online invoicing was about $ 140, so you could save more than $ 20,000 a year for every 500 e-payment customers instead of paper checks.

Ways to Stimulate The Use of Online Bill Payment

1. Sharing the savings that can be provided to stimulate the use of electronic payment

Some savings can be shared by offering rewards to customers who transfer their transactions and payments online, rather than paying in traditional ways, such as rewards, rebates, gifts and other incentives to save money for your company or store.

2. Disseminate the culture of eliminating the mess of paper bills

Electronic payment is free of any paper waste, so you can motivate your customers with this idea, especially for customers who want to get rid of the clutter of paper bills and digital records at home.

3. Indicate the possibility of payment from anywhere and at any time

EPayment offers great facilities for customers through various electronic payment methods that suit all people and suit the mobile lifestyles of people.

4. Demonstrate the importance of using online payment for the environment

The use of electronic payment preserves the environment. There is no need for paper bills or paper waste, so it saves the number of trees that are cut to get the paper and saves the environment from the waste of paper waste from traditional financial transactions.

5. Show the time and effort provided by the use of online payment

The time and effort you provide are one of the most important factors that a customer is looking for when doing a transaction, so you can motivate it by reducing the time spent writing a check, preparing an invoice, or going to pay bills to a competent authority.

By replacing these traditional methods with the means and methods of electronic payment modern, and you can show the time it takes to pay the bill through the Internet to the customer to increase motivation, which takes a few minutes, which stimulates the use of electronic payment.

6. Emphasize the improvement of permanent security in the use of online payment

You can motivate your customers by showing the security and security factors in the systems used in electronic payment, and showing continuous improvements in the upgrade of electronic payment security systems.

You can also confirm the security of electronic payment compared to paper bills, which may be damaged or stolen, in addition to indicating the long time it takes to raise information about invoices on the PC or e-mail.

So if you are a company or shop owner, you should pay attention to ways to attract customers to use electronic payment instead of traditional payment methods, and focus on the benefit of using the electronic payment they have.

The most important of which is saving time and effort, increasing security, speeding payment, and paying anytime, anywhere, and sharing the best rewards they attract for electronic payment, rather than traditional methods.

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