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Most Popular Categories of YouTube Videos

YouTube is one of our favorite Sites. We spend hours watching videos on it for many different reasons and it is one of the most helpful sites ever it provides 90 countries and 80 different languages with videos. You can find anything you want because of YouTube videos categories are many and in this article, we will discuss the most popular categories of Youtube videos in 2019.

Most Popular Categories of YouTube Videos

1-Unboxing Videos

We all love seeing the new things so unboxing videos are at the top of the list in 2019 bloggers buy new things and unbox it, for example, bloggers buy iPhone max at its first-day release and unbox and many others products such as makeup.

2-Gaming Videos

Gaming is one of the most popular video types on YouTube. So if you love video games, a gaming channel might be a great idea to spend time watching it so subscribe in gaming channels and have fun it is a good way of escapism.


Vlog channels are one of the best types that get hundreds of millions of views as viewers are addicted to this video format. and influencers earn from this type of videos that really can make them rich!


Technology YouTubers build their following on the basis of one subject technology. Frequently these creators publish unboxing videos and product reviews and tell audiences what they like and dislike about particular features


These creators of lifestyle videos give you information from their personal lives, discuss current events, and share their interests with viewers, and make a room for discussion with comments and shares.


As YouTube has grown the platform has become a hub for first-hand travel and adventure knowledge. Previously, individuals relied primarily on websites and books to plan vacations. Today, travel YouTubers bring viewers on their adventures and lend helpful travel recommendations along the way.


Cooking videos are hit now on youtube many women want to learn how to cook and make food for their families, and those who make these videos have a big experience in making food and desserts, so if you are a mom and want new ideas for making foods this type of videos will suit you.


YouTubers epitomize the democratization of knowledge made possible by the internet. Creators of this type educate viewers of all ages on a wide range of topics, including science, reading, foreign languages, and many other fields. So learning videos are totally useful.


One of the most enjoyable videos is music videos that we all love to watch such as YouTube musicians, singer, songwriters, choreographers, and dancers all fall within the music and dance category. By one click you can find millions of songs and music.


Youtube pranks videos are highly watched it is suitable for all ages and we all have the appeal to watch it so it is considered as a category now many YouTubers took that road to increase the video view and the number of the people who are subscribed in their channels.

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