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Most Effective Types of Social Media Advertising in 2019

Social Media Advertising is a group of terms that are used to describe forms of online advertising that focus on social networking services.  With social media advertising, advertisements are distributed to users based on information gathered from target group profiles.

 Types Of Social Media Platforms Contain Ads

  • Social networking (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+).
  • Microblogging (Twitter, Tumblr).
  • Photo sharing (Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest).
  • Video sharing (YouTube, Facebook Live, Periscope, Vimeo).

Most Effective Social Media for E-commerce Advertising

After The Global Spread of social media, we observe that it has an obvious effect on advertising so we will introduce the most effective platforms for advertising.

Facebook There are more than 2 billion users per month.  With micro-targeting features that allow you to reach your exact target audience based on demographics, location, interests, and even behaviors. You can always get your message in front of the people who are most likely to want your products or services. There are many types of Ads on Facebook

  • Photo Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Carousel Ads
  • Slideshow Ads
  • Collection Ads
  • Instant Experience Ads
  • Lead Ads
  • Dynamic Ads
  • Messenger ads

There are advertising tactics on facebook

  • Don’t run the same exact ad(s) to all of your audiences.
  • Use prospecting ads to build brand awareness.
  • The use of emojis in ads has been spreading like wildfire, even among larger, more established brands.
  • Always be testing!
  • Lookalike audiences are a staple for many advertisers.

Instagram You can select a target audience or allow Instagram to suggest targeting for you. After that, your post will be promoted as an ad for any length of time you choose. You create Ads on Instagram, you first need to connect your account to a Facebook Business Page, which allows you to use Facebook AdManager. Ad Manager lets you create Ads that run on both Facebook and Instagram. Advertising Tactics

  • Focus first on custom audiences.
  • When you are ready to expand past custom audiences, lookalike audiences should be your next stop.
  • Use custom images of real people.
  • Make your offers irresistible.
  • Take hashtags seriously.

Twitter 328 million monthly active users, it remains one of the most popular social media platforms. Advertising Tactics

  • Use a relevant, compelling image.
  • Be very targeted with the products or lead magnets you choose to promote.
  • Use a “Shop now” CTA to direct warmer leads back to an e-commerce site.
  • Build user engagement directly into the ad.
  • Prioritize brevity.

Pinterest helps you reach people while they actively decide what to do or buy next.it is highly targeted toward women with an 81% female user base. With 175 million users in the month, it’s also an incredibly active platform. Advertising Tactics

  • Creativity sells.
  • Focus on trends.
  • Engage with your followers.
  • Be detailed.
  • Be very intentional about where your pins are linking.

LinkedIn Advertising on LinkedIn helps businesses of any size achieve their goals. It has an estimated 227 million users in the month. between male and female users. 61% of users fall into the 30-64 age range bracket. Advertising Tactics

  • Track ad performance religiously and discard any ads performing at under a 0.10% click-through rate (CTR).
  • While LinkedIn’s ad targeting might seem juvenile next to Facebook.
  • LinkedIn users prefer shorter, pithier ad copy.
  • Focus on professional problems and challenges.
  • Much of the value of LinkedIn lies in its groups. 

Snapchat is one of the newer platforms to emerge on the scene as a competitive force with 301 million users in a month. Snapchat reached 41% of all 18-34 years old. Snapchat Advertising  Priced

  • Snap Ads.
  • Sponsored Lenses.
  • Snapchat Discover.
  • Sponsored Local Geofilters.
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