Mobile Payment All You want to Know about It

mobile payment

The mobile payment service was recently launched as an alternative to the use of electronic payment cards such as ATM cards, whereby the user can rely on the mobile phone only to complete the payment process, prompting mobile companies to launch electronic payment services.

The online payment companies are numerous according to the financial regulations and they are executed from or through the phone instead of paying by cash or checks or credit cards. All the user has to do is choose the company that suits his use to pay for a wide range of services.

Mobile Payment

Is an electronic payment method where you pay money for a product or service through a portable electronic device such as a tablet or mobile phone. Payment information is encrypted, so it is a safer way to pay with a debit or credit card. In stores by scanning the bar code on an application on the mobile.

How mobile operators work to transfer money

Conversion Mobile works in the most advanced way in the field of payment through the Internet, where the establishment and development of programs dedicated to the process of money transfer, and thus can easily transfer any amount from one country to another without going to the bank.
Some statistics show that the number of mobile purchases is increasing. Financial institutions, credit card companies and Internet companies such as Google and a number of mobile operators, such as mobile and telecommunications operators, have made major infrastructures such as W-HA Orange and multinational phone companies such as Ericsson and BlackBerry, which implemented mobile payment solutions.

Mobile Payment Companies


Is one of the most important electronic payment companies because it offers many features and services at 0% transaction fees and it will make all merchants make their consumer a special person to pay any fees.

Vapulus is one of the leading companies supporting e-payment technology in the Arab region and aims to implement advanced banking technologies that anyone can access.

Vapulus acts as an intermediary between the “consumer” and the “merchant”, where the company connects consumers with credit cards, credit cards, electronic wallets, and laptop portfolios, and also benefits from discounts, coupons or gift cards from merchants.

The Vapulus application provides a list of clients, a space to display products online and provides behavioral analytics to customers and financial reports at no additional cost.

What distinguishes vapulus as one of the best e-payment companies in Kuwait is its PCI certification, which is a certificate of data safety standards for shopping and payments.


Apple pay

Apple Pay offers a more secure and faster way to pay in stores with iPhone and Apple Watch, which enables you to make payments faster with mobile. Apple Pay also offers a more convenient and fast way to pay in apps and on the web because you no longer need to create accounts or fill in long forms.

apple pay

Samsung Pay

Samsung Bai is a mobile payment service and a digital wallet from Samsung Electronics allows users to make a payment using phones and other devices produced by Samsung, can be used in places that support the bank cards, all that the user work done by a mobile from Samsung, and download Samsung Pay On the Samsung smartphone.

samsung pay payment gateway

Android Pay

Android Pay is a complete mobile payment system that people use to send money to others, purchase items and services online, and a pay-per-click service on the Google Play Store where developers and developers can design their own payment systems from the API software interface Google them.

Google’s payment service uses near-domain technology (NFC) on smartphones, where a user stores his or her credit or debit card information on their Android Pay account, and when they want to pay for an item or service, they take their phones and place them near a station Point of sale of the retailer, and then send the payment information from the phone or view it to the POS terminal through NFC devices.

google pay payment gateway

Four prototypes support mobile payment 

  • Transaction payments based on premium SMS.
  • Direct phone bills.
  • Phone payments on the Internet (WAP).
  • NFC technology (near term communication).

Benefits of Mobile Payment

Security: for service users because it is certified to prevent fraud that may occur in cash transactions.
Convenience: It is provided to users of the service because it does not require pre-registration and does not require the installation of new mobile software.

Speed: Most transactions are completed in less than 10 seconds.

Persistence: 70% of the total digital content is purchased online in some parts of Asia, which uses this direct method of mobile billing.

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