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Mobile Marketing Overview and How It Works

Mobile Marketing has become increasingly popular in recent years due to the development of modern technologies and services used in smartphones and electronics. Some types of smart marketing are now the most important advertising channels for companies.

It is based on reaching the public through a smartphone, tablet, or other device connected to e-mail, websites, SMS, MMS, or smartphone applications, all of which are made online.

Types of Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is characterized by many types of marketing activities that are carried out through a complete network connected to consumers through their mobile phone devices as follows:

First: Mobile marketing through SMS marketing

It is one of the most popular types of mobile marketing and popular among people, especially in the beginning in Europe, and companies were sending messages as content after the collection of mobile phone numbers for people was an appropriate marketing method and then developed marketing systems through the mobile gradually, Through SMS from the most important legal channels for marketing and advertising.

SMS marketing is considered to be the most effective way to market, and it quickly reaches people. It is read in about 3 minutes. Two types of marketing strategies are followed: an internal marketing strategy that generates potential customers, Which rely on sending messages for sales, promotions, contests, donations and event reminders. The marketing message consists of five components: the sender’s identity, message size, content structure, spam compliance, and message delivery.

Second: marketing through MMS “MMS”

Is a marketing through MMS, which contains slideshows, images, text, audio and video, and can be marketed through MMS through the phones, “mobile” color screens, which can receive and send MMS messages, and the brands were able to use this way to market their products to people Through their phones “mobile”.

Third: marketing through different applications

This type began with the spread and enhance the use of smartphones, the use of applications increased dramatically, resulting in the use of various applications on smartphones for marketing, this method is designed to improve the application’s visibility in the Apple store or Google store, thus increasing the number of downloads, the most important examples of ASO “App Store Optimization” where applications help brand access to customers, while strengthening customer interaction and branding, and becoming one of the most important marketing channels for Mobile Marketing currently in use.

The most important examples of Mobile Marketing:

1. The ad style template used in most types of co-marketing in most app applications through banner ads, consumer ads, or on-screen ads, the user navigates to the selected page and the ad content is displayed when clicked by the user.

2 – a form of user participation in the application used, the company to publish the application on the store to download users, and thus allows users to understand the company and understand its various products, and its goal to promote the company and the brand of the user, and successful in attracting the user to the brand.

3 – Applications of electronic stores, which support e-commerce and requests for sale and purchase by users, such as Amazon application and the application of eBay, which helps the development of interaction between the target customers and the brand.

Fourth: marketing through electronic games

The marketing strategy is used within the electronic game, which is loaded on mobile phones, where the brand presents its promotional and advertising messages within the games in the mobile to attract a greater number of customers to its products. These games are called games of phones funded by advertising “Advergaming”, and despite the high cost But they are most influential with people who remember the brand tremendously.

Fifth: QR codes

QR codes allow quick response to mobile phone owners by visiting a website address by scanning a two-dimensional digital image using a phone camera. Many companies use QR codes to promote their products and to search for potential customers.

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