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List of Popular Types of Email Marketing

  Getting the best results from each Email Marketing campaign requires a comprehensive strategy, effective implementation, and continual improvement of a number of components that work together to deliver against your campaign goals.

You probably know that email marketing is the best way to sell online, but after you grow your email list, then what? also, we know that ineffective email marketing campaigns are that they don’t include a good mix of value-based emails versus selling emails. In this post, we’ll show types of emails that you need to be sending your email list.

Types of Email Marketing

1- The Welcome Email

Your welcome email is the email you send a subscriber within 24 hours after they join to your email list. It’s a simple email that tells them how happy you are that they’ve subscribed, and then lays out some of the things they can expect to receive in their inbox. These emails are a huge opportunity to upsell, build credibility and trust, and enhance your brand. so be sure your welcome emails make a great first impression of your organization’s email-marketing program.

2- Newsletter Emails

 they Emails Sent on a regular basis such as monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly. newsletter emails are a great way for organizations to reinforce their industry expertise, build loyalty and engagement with subscribers, as well as grow a list of qualified prospects and customers.

Many business and organizations send email newsletters in order to stay top of mind for their recipients. Newsletters are great not only for marketing to prospects but also for nurturing your existing customers with company news and events, product announcements and feedback requests. Such ongoing communication will help you retain happy customers and collect valuable insights about them.

As you work on your newsletter layout and content creation, stay mindful of your goal and make sure you are working towards meeting it by prioritizing calls-to-actions at the top of the email.

3- The sales Email

This email includes a discount, coupon, or some other special deal that you send out to subscribers. Offer emails typically have high open rates. if your company has a new product/service or a special promotion based around a product line, send out an email to announce the news and help pique customers’ and prospects’ interest.

Whether or not your business model includes offering sales and discounts, it’s a good idea to send out some sort of special offer just for your subscribers every now and then. This shows your appreciation and drives sales.

4- Survey Email

It’s a simple email typically sent within the first couple weeks that asks them to respond to certain questions around topics relevant to your product. You can then use this information to better tailor your marketing efforts to their needs. Your survey, however, doesn’t need to be a lengthy 10-minute questionnaire. You could simply ask your subscribers to rate their willingness to recommend you to a friend.

5- Anniversary Email

Many marketers like to send out an anniversary email to thank subscribers for being a part of their list. Celebrating a subscriber’s anniversary for joining your email list is another excellent opportunity for keeping your company top of mind and encouraging sales. On average, anniversary emails generated almost seven times more revenue compared to bulk mailings to the same customers.

6- Valuable Email

A Valuable email is where you simply provide value with no strings attached. It could be a blog post, a dose of inspiration, or a simple tip. These emails are where you really start to build a relationship with your audience, and they are an absolutely critical component to a high-converting email marketing campaign.

There doesn’t have to be some direct conversion goal behind every email you send. In fact, if you want your conversion focused emails to be effective, you have to first earn your subscriber’s trust.

7- Sponsorship Emails

If you want to reach a different audience and gain new leads, you might want to try out sponsorship emails. You pay for including your copy in another vendor’s newsletter or dedicated send.

Sponsorship email campaigns are one component of a paid media strategy, which could also include pay-per-click (PPC), display advertising, mobile advertising, affiliate advertising, etc. In this paid media universe you have the benefit of being specific when describing the target audience you want to reach.

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