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Learn How to Create The Perfect Twitter Profile For Business

Because of the huge usage of digital marketing. Twitter became the main platform to market your business but the usage of Twitter for personal purposes is different from using Twitter for business purposes. In this article, we will show the steps for creating a Twitter profile for business

How to Create The Perfect Twitter Profile For Business

Create the account

Firstly, Click the button of creating a new account, Add your business name and try to make name easy, clear and close to the one you have. Making username with these features make it easy to mention your username with clients. Fill in the necessary information and confirm the account to activate.


Second, You must make the profile more approachable by using these features:

  • The profile picture should be a professional shot and avoid selfies. the picture must be 73px by 73px and Less than 700KB file size.
  • Cover photo it is more important than a background image. it should be a grid-style mashup of your team, thematically-relevant wallpaper image, and have your brand colors. it should be 520px by 260px and Less than 5MB file size.
  • Background Photo you need to make a background photo.
  • Display name avoids spaces and it must be 20 characters or less. 
  • Username Relevant Keywords. it must be 15 characters or less.
  • Bio breif description for business work. you must avoid 15 characters or less. it should be 160 characters or less.
  • The location you should put the business location, GPS coordinates, and Phone area codes or zip codes. it should be 30 characters or less.
  • Url It could be a link to a landing page. it has No real limit.

Start tweeting

Then, you should make a pinned tweet to be stable in your account at the top if any customer visits it and post a number of tweets. Write 10 to 20 tweets on the first page. Post once every 30 to 60 minutes and then continue tweeting on a daily basis up to 5 times each day. The tweets should be informative, personal, engaging and appealing.

Bring in more followers

So now you should increase the number of your followers by posting tweets with the mechanism we discuss above. you could share funny tweets or any topic not related to your business to attract a large number of followers. Find a current event to relate with to give the company the appeal of a real person.

A different support account

You should have a separate account to support which will handle technical issues, problems and other complaints that customers may have. this will allow removing negative shares or tweets which might be placed in the account. this could introduce a very good customer service to provide help and guidelines.

Wrapping Up

Doing these steps allows you to create a perfect Twitter profile page to maximize your success on the platform. you should put into consideration Display photo, profile pic, bio, pinned Tweet, and location. all of these elements work together to create an experience for your profile page visitors.

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