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Landing Page Fundamentals and Optimization Tips

In the Digital Marketing field definitely with E-commerce websites, it used a landing page to facilitate dealing with E-commerce products for customers. So it is very important to know landing page fundamentals and the way yo make Landing Page Optimization. Here, we discuss all landing page.

How to Create Landing Page 

The first thing you must know is How to create a landing page? then you will its fundamentals and how to optimize it. So following steps will show you landing page creation.

  • Sign up and create your free account.
  • Select the Free Landing Page option.
  • Pick one of many free landing page templates.
  • Arrange sections and elements on the page.
  • Add and edit your texts, images, and videos.
  • Optimize the content for search engines.
  • Publish your new landing page.

Then, you may want to make the landing page converts. So you could follow these tips:

  • Quick and Obvious USP (unique selling point).
  • Appealing Image or Graphic.
  • Solid Call-to-Action.
  • Short but Clear List of Benefits.
  • Trust Symbol/Social Endorsement.

Finally, you must follow these tips to build trust with your customer:

  • Put Contact information.
  • Don’t oversell.
  • Keep your campaign consistent.
  • Show a face.
  • Speak to your customer.
  • Use customer testimonials.
  • Determine the length of your forms.

Landing Page Fundamentals and Optimization Tips

The process of optimization is improving each element on the page to increase conversions. You can collect information before your landing page ever goes live. landing pages must appeal to your target audience, compel them to act, and meet their expectations. Optimization tips as follow:

Make your offer clear Think how to give the customer a positive impression. Start by thinking about your customer’s specific goal, and turn that goal into a headline. Elegant Themes does this well.

Simplify your landing page Try to make the page more simple. You want your website visitors to focus on your products.

Try contrasting colors To make your page attractive and attract more customers to enter it.

Keep the important part above the fold To avoid the feeling of boredom for the customer. you should keep important things above.

Use scarcity techniques Scarcity compels your landing page visitors to act now because they know they might miss out if they wait.

Keep your call-to-action buttons straightforward Make your offer clear, concise, and obvious to reach easily to the customer.

Add contact information to become easy for the customer to contact you. this will increase reliability for your page.

Try different headlines and copy use A/B testing to try different headlines. you could change body copy and try A/B testing.

Be consistent your landing page must be matching with your brand and your messages and voice tone must be consistent.

Add testimonials to help convert undecided users you should add feedback or something similar to help the customer for deciding.

Try different form lengths a longer form can prove more effective. to attract more and more customers.

Optimize your landing page for SEO you must optimize the page to get a high rank and appear first when searched on the search engine.

Try an exit popup Popups may be noisy for the customer, so try to avoid it when creating your page.

Keep A/B testing everything at the last step, you should use A/B testing to test everything on the page and be sure that it is optimized.

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