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Key Elements of Virtual Reality Experience

The revolution of technology nowadays leads to the appearance of the word “Virtual Reality” which is a simulated environment for the real world. it became widely spread in last years So, we will show you key elements of virtual reality technology and briefly explain it.

Types of Virtual Reality


It is a type of virtual reality that less virtual than other types. Users enter into three-dimensional virtual environments through a window by using standard high-resolution monitors powered by processing power typically found on traditional desktop workstations.



It is more immersive than the above type. it is used by high-performance graphical computing systems, which are often then coupled with large screen projector systems or multiple television projection systems to properly stimulate the user’s visuals.



It is the most immersive type of virtual reality type. it used hardware such as head-mounted displays and motion detecting devices are used to stimulate all of a user’s senses. it produces a real user experience by delivering a wide field of view, high resolutions, increased update rates.


Key Elements of Virtual Reality

Virtual world

This technology can help people to interact with others and create objects as part of that interaction. it used to simulate visual elements rendered with computer graphics. 


This technology makes its users immersing in a virtual world with VR headsets and eyeglasses. it acquires the attention and senses of the users. immersion may include two types:

  • Mental Immersion A deep mental state of engagement, with the suspension of disbelief that one is in a virtual environment.
  • Physical Immersion  Exhibited physical engagement in a virtual environment, with the suspension of disbelief that one is in a virtual environment.

Sensory feedback

Virtual reality must use some sensors that require sensory feedback which is achieved through integrated hardware and software such as:

  • visual sensor.
  • aural sensor.
  • haptic sensor.

There is software used by VR and also hardware such as:

  • head-mounted display.
  • special gloves.
  • hand accessories.
  • hand controls.


This used to provide users with enough comfort to naturally engage with the virtual environment. to make this environment more real, the virtual world should contain virtual elements that simulate the real world.

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