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Importance of Fintech in Financial Services

The rise of fintech represents potential opportunities for banks, their commercial account clients, and their customers. Banks will need to offer innovative fintech products and services that differentiate them from other banks. Here, we try to discuss the Importance of Fintech in Financial Services.

The Importance of Fintech in Financial Services

1- Universal

These newer financial services are available online and via mobile, making them accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. Even if you live in a country that lacks traditional banking infrastructure, you can still get the financial support you need.

2- Cheaper

Fintech solutions are often less expensive than those offered by their banking counterparts. Even their mere presence helps to place downward pressure on many of the fees that banks often charge.

3- More Secure

In some cases, fintech is safer than traditional banking. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin use blockchain technology with trust and safeguards already built into the platform.

4- Crowdfunding

FinTech has brought the innovative idea of crowdfunding as a means of raising money into the financial market, allowing ordinary people to fund campaigns and projects online, through lending money or buying equity in the product/company. The public can buy into products and projects similar to how traditional investors can.


5- Lower Error Rate

Fintech is already present in a large capacity in payroll services, which has led to a reduced error rate when processing salaries and expenses, in turn making the company more productive and efficient in the long run. This can also lead to increased employee satisfaction and an overall better attitude among workers.

6- Faster Processing of Complex Transactions

It’s easier than ever to process complex financial transactions at the blink of an eye and settle all accounts correctly. This used to be a nightmare for many accountants and other specialists in the financial services sector, but it’s now a pretty straightforward ordeal that takes very little effort to set up and get running.

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