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How to Optimize Your Channel on YouTube

Youtube became an essential platform for marketing, Many agencies use a partnership with famous bloggers who have a number of followers and subscriptions to market their services via Youtube. For instance, Fashion businesses make a partnership with fashion bloggers to reach the right target audience. So Youtube channel optimization is very important and follows some steps that will be discussed here.

Youtube channel optimization steps

Design YouTube Channel Home Page

The design of the youtube channel is the first thing customer see so it must be attractive. follow these steps to make attractive channel:

  • Choose profile picture it should be like your channel icon, it must be a clear and clean image.
  • Upload Channel Art it will be at the top of your channel home page is the header image.
  • Select Channel Trailer it is the autoplay when someone visits your channel.
  • Create Playlists combination of videos related to speech you use.
  • Add Featured Channels that appear on the right side of your channel home page. featured channels list will create a connection in people’s minds and in the algorithm between your channel and these featured channels.
  • Create an About Page put a brief and short description of your channel about your channel in “about” tab. 

Research and Put Keywords for Your Channel

Using high rate keywords make your channel appear firstly and easy to reach. Valuable keywords and tags rise rankings for your videos. YouTube uses metrics, but many of these kick in only after your channel has an audience of some sort. as follow we will show how to get the keyword.

  • Get Keyword From YouTube and Google Search in the YouTube or Google search bar type a keyword that relates to your channel.
  • Use Keyword Planner to know keywords density and rate of search on it.
  • Use Google Trends to know trends because of focusing on trending tags takes advantage of the natural flow of search intent that already exists.
  • Assess Keyword Competition help you measure competition, search volume, and recommended terms of your selected keywords.

Add Keywords to Your Video Titles, Descriptions, and Tags

After you collect keywords and know trends, you should add keywords and tags that are related to keywords to your videos and add a related description too. the following steps will show you best way:

  • Use an Algorithm-Friendly Pattern for Adding Tags used to sort your keywords, and consequently, your videos.
  • Include Keywords in the Title and Description to make it easy to google to detect it for the user.
  • Optimize Your Video Titles for People stuff titles full of keywords to get the video to rank.

Add Keywords to Your Channel

After you add keywords and tags to videos you shared in your channel, you should add the same keywords and tags to your channel else. this will increase your channel rank and watches. you could use open creator studio to assign the keywords to your channel.

Use Playlists 

To develop an organized channel. it allows you to treat your YouTube channel more like a TV network. Read the following tips. they will help you:

  • Optimize Playlist Titles and Descriptions for Search To give your playlist an increase in the algorithm.
  • Rearrange Videos in a Playlist add latest videos first and then older.
  • Choose a Playlist Thumbnail From a Top-Performing Video choose the playlist that is important as video thumbnails for enticing viewers to click and watch your playlist.
  • Package a Video Series that include all of the videos in the series in a playlist.
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