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How To Be Effective Social Media Moderator?

Social media moderator is an art that involves diplomacy, legality, and morality. It is all about handling people and their emotions effectively and efficiently. There are a number of professional roles that people play in managing social media presence for brands and companies.

The Social Media Moderator serve the day-to-day engagement and conversation for clients social media. He engages personally via company platforms to enhance the overall image of the company through direct personal engagement with the customers. This person will also assist with the planning and execution of Social Media Campaigns, including content development.

In fact, there are social media managers, community managers, specialists for each kind of social media؛ posts, tweets, photographs, videos – who specialize in a certain kind of content. A social media moderator looks after all this as well as the comments and feedback from followers. He/She also monitors the brand’s social media presence.

Daily Responsibilities of Social Media Moderator؛

  • Management of a social media platform including posting and monitoring content Compose content for social media messages.
  •  Advertising creative Assist in promotion & program development including concept development, message creation, integration with internal teams and project management as needed Assist team in identifying trends, best practices and new developments within social media.

Effective social media moderation

1- Establish and clearly state rules for your social media profile, page or community. Set the tone for posts and comments, discourage abusive language and be proactive in implementing these rules.

2- Allow both positive and negative feedback as well as comments on the page. Positive feedback is great encouragement and motivation, but it is the negative comments and criticism that you need to pay attention to.

They will tell you what your followers want from you, what they are not happy with and how you can improve your brand and services for them.

3- Archive all posts from your social media page, which can prove useful in case of future legal hassles. They will act as a legal proof of everything that has been on your social media pages at any point in time.

4- Effective social media presence is all about your followers, so respect them؛ listen to them and change your strategies accordingly. train moderators on how to manage your social media presence.

Even if you hire an experienced moderator, they will still have to be explained and made aware of rules or specifications you may have for your social media pages.

5- Do not post or allow posting plagiarized content on your social media. Even if you are not the one posting it, it can still get you legally tangled if you let people post plagiarized content of any kind on your pages.

6- Do not ignore legal issues if they crop up. Legal suits and cases are becoming increasingly common as social media is becoming stronger as a public platform.

7- Do not moderate your social media pages excessively. Excessive moderation means you will end up deleting a lot of posts and messages, and eventually end up losing followers.

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