How IOT Changed Our Lifestyle

What is the Internet of Things “IOT”?
The term Internet of Things refers to all devices – no matter what type – that can connect to the Internet and send and receive information without the intervention of the human factor.

This is now available on any device due to the processor industry and wireless communication networks that are constantly evolving, with the addition of a processor and a wireless chip, this is no longer an obstacle.
The ability to truly connect devices to the Internet and exchange data adds a touch of intelligence to any traditional device
To cause an increase in his tasks and intelligence without changing the concept for which he was designed
It also enhances the connection between the digital world and the real world much more easily than it is now.

How IOT can change our lifestyle

Smart home appliances
It is not necessary to talk about home devices that come with touch screens, some of them may have a custom operating system or even an Android system, rather, we mean the simplest examples that you can imagine, such as the home lamp, which has already become one of the most popular applications of the Internet of Things, without changing its shape, it is now possible only through its internet connection to control the lighting of the rooms of the house one by one, turning it on, off, changing the intensity of the brightness or even the color of the light, all through a microprocessor and an internet connection chip.
Home lights are not the only thing. For example, Google had previously announced during the previous CES 2019 conference about e-ink Display. This is evidence of the extent to which the Internet of Things has transformed everything that is simple for smart devices.
The screen is a very simple and primitive screen at a cheap price but thanks to the Internet of Things you will be able to connect it with your Google Assistant to be able to display the date, time, weather and traffic conditions without having to own a smart device, just a screen for a small amount.


Medicine is the most prominent field that was expected to be developed by the Internet of Things. With the inclusion of medical devices for the concept of the Internet of Things, the world will change completely, did you know that this caused a Chinese doctor to perform a successful complete surgery for a patient in a different province than his place of residence By connecting to a complete IoT-based surgical system and with the help of 5G internet speeds.

And to name a few, surgeries alone were not the only application of the Internet of Things,

There are many researches working to provide chips and devices that collect information about patients and link them to integrated health systems (the latest Apple smart watch is a prototype for what we can see later), that is, the sudden rise in blood pressure, clots, fainting and their causes and everything that may happen in an emergency

It will not be researched and examined by doctors, as access to your health data can explain everything in just a few seconds.

Away from smart cars currently that rely on self-driving systems, the concept of the Internet of Things shows the middle between it and traditional cars,

With the ability of traditional cars to connect to the Internet, owners will be able to locate them, track their movement and know the status of their private parts.

This will provide car manufacturers with a huge database of the condition of their cars since day one,

It also provides information easily to the authorities responsible for the traffic situation.

Through the examples mentioned, we can reach what the Internet of Things has been able to provide over the past years,

And the extent of its ability to change our world for the better and easier, so that the factor of time and the availability of the fifth generation of communications are the only obstacle to being a part of everything that is around us.


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