Growth Hacking What is It and How It Can Benefit Business

growth hacking

The strategies used in digital marketing have been very large. The most important strategies in digital marketing are growth hacking which contributes significantly to the growth of companies, especially the startups while ensuring that results are achieved quickly and at the lowest cost. 

Growth Hacking

Is a new strategy in the management of startups or management of companies that aim at rapid growth at low cost and depend on the quality of the company’s products and services, by using the most effective and effective ways to grow in business, away from traditional methods.

The Role of Growth Hacking in Digital Marketing

Growth Hacking strives to achieve digital marketing goals. Growth Hacking supports the creation of innovative, non-traditional digital marketing solutions that rely on accurate analysis of available data and utilizes creative and innovative ideas to market the company’s products and services to achieve rapid growth. So it is one of the most important digital marketing strategies used recently for its many features which I will mention later.

The Advantages of Growth Hacking Strategy in Marketing

The importance of Growth Hacking’s strategy is to rely on creative thinking in corporate marketing campaigns through digital marketing. It is also a strategic strategy as a result of its use of the most important and successful SEO techniques, which contributes to the rapid growth of companies and the development of cheaper marketing alternatives Social media and viral marketing instead of using traditional advertising methods through television and newspapers, so start-ups resort to low cost and rapid results for the growth of their companies.

The most important companies and sites that follow the strategy of Growth Hacking in digital marketing

1- YouTube

YouTube has been able to reach the ranking of the second largest search engine after Google, the famous search giant, through its application to the technologies of growth Hacking, by facilitating the raising of video on the user channel and easily published.

2- Facebook

Facebook has created Facebook badges, which helps connect Facebook’s personal account with its blog or website, thus contributing to the growth of its accounts and its number, which has led to the achievement of Facebook’s goals in increasing the number of users.

3- Careem

Careem adopted a rapid growth strategy for its digital marketing by offering a digital application on smartphones to use its vehicles instead of taxis and high quality of service. Promo code was used for discounts, which contributed to its rapid growth among people.

4- is one of the most important search engines to help the real estate user in the Middle East and has spread rapidly among users through its rapid growth strategy to sell thousands of properties in the Middle East quickly, at high prices and profits.

5- Hotmail

Hotmail adopted the Growth Hacking strategy as a gimmick to attract and attract millions of users. It launched a campaign to use and create free e-mail at the end of each message, increasing its number to 12 million in less than two years.

6- Dropbox

Dropbox has adopted a strategy of rapid growth in implementing the ploy to increase the storage space of the customer, in return for every invitation to the customer to a friend, where launched the campaign “bring a friend and get an additional storage space 500 MB for each of you,” which increased the number of users by 60% after implementation.

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