Five Stages of Crisis Management

stages of crisis managment

In any organization, it is very important to find a strategy to manage the crisis to avoid problems happen. this strategy must be effective, has the ability to achieve and clear. so In this article, we will show you full stages of a crisis management strategy with some description of each stage.

Stages of Crisis Management


The first from stages of crisis management, By default, human nature refuses to admit that there is a crisis especially the leader of any organization that wants to save his image as a strong leader. but it may cause a problem for the business so it is important to not deny that there is a crisis to be able to solve it and save the business.

For example, hacking data of customers will cause a problem for the business so deny should be for externals only but in an internal leader should admit the problem to help to solve it.


The second from stages of crisis management, In this stage, leaders try to solve the problem by giving it to people how can solve it. because of keeping the matter quiet is useless. this is called “Buck-Passing”. The problems began when the unthinkable happened

For example, Taking backup for customers data and hire an employee to handle them, will save your business if any hacking happens so the leader could inform the employee to deal with the problem of hacking data.


The third from stages of crisis management, Here, we will see that all parties of business try to be away from the problem and self-defence. this will make the problem more complicated. this will not solve the problem by the way So, dealing with the problem and solve it is more effective.

For example, after hacking data, each one start blame others and try to defend himself. this will make the problem more complicated, then, Leader should pass the problem for an employee that is responsible for backup data to reproduce a backup.

 Blood on the Floor

In any crisis, high position person in the business may pay the cost. In other words, People need to feel that someone take the punishment because of the crisis. infamous companies, when any disaster happens, a responsible person will pay the price for this disaster.

For example, After hacking the data, the business owner may punish the responsible such as information technology engineer and all employees in the information technology department(IT).

The Crisis Gets Fixed

It is the final stage which we should know is it that the crisis not only a disaster but also it may have a benefit which it enables the business owner to know weakness points in the business and try to solve it and strength the business.

For example, hacking data will show the business owner that the business has a problem in security system So, this may help the business to increase and improve the security system and try to don’t repeat this disaster.

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