Features for Accept Electronic Payments on Your Website

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Many new technologies have developed with e-commerce flourishing, in order to facilitate accept electronic payments that earn your website many advantages, facilitate electronic payment processes, and to get acquainted with the criteria of preparing the site for accepting electronic payments continued reading.

 Criteria for Accepting Electronic Payments

If you are the owner of an e-commerce website, you must make the necessary settings within your site in order to accept electronic payments.

1. Clearly identify the company name

You need to specify your company name or logo position on the website, and you can put your company name at the bottom of the web page to make sure that customers can easily locate your website at any time.

2. The presence of the contact address

 Make sure you have a clear contact address on your site where customers can call you, so be sure your phone number, e-mail address, and customer support watches are in a clear place on the website so customers can see it easily.

3. Provide a full description of products and services

You must provide an accurate and comprehensive description of all the products and services provided through your website, so that customers will be sure of all the information you are comfortable with before purchasing the products and services provided through you, thus providing great opportunities to attract customers to purchase through your website.

4. Determine the final price of products and services with the currency used

You must determine the price of each product and service provided through your website, and specify the currency to purchase, and you can use the ISO 4217 currency codes that specify each currency with only three characters.

5. Define the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

The privacy policy document is one of the most important documents that provide your website with the confidentiality of all customer data received, including the privacy of e-cards used in electronic payment.

The Terms of Service document is also important to identify the customer with the company’s registration address, so be sure to have all the details of the company’s registration address on the website, which is completely different from the contact information, and the terms of service must contain a statement about the security of the transaction, All measures are taken to ensure the safety of the transaction.

6. Allocation of a recovery policy document

The recovery policy document clearly identifies actions in the case of recovery and cancellations and returns products. This information must be available prior to purchase. It is preferable that the recovery document be separate from the terms of the service so that customers can find it faster.

7. Define shipping policy

Make sure that there is a service on the site specializing in shipping policy, by providing shipping options, costs, delivery times that the customer can easily receive the product, and make sure the information described on this page so that the customer experience is distinctive with your brand.

8 – A copy of the transaction data with the client

It is important to remind your customers to keep a copy of the transaction data, as this copy helps the client to return to the easily identified purchase, when any problem occurs, whether in return of products or complaints.

9. Include electronic payment methods

You must include the electronic payment methods on the website such as Visa, Mastercard, and other electronic payments. You can include them at the bottom of the web page or in the payment form.

With the above settings, you can enhance your customer experience through your website, help you make payments easier for customers, and get a great buying experience from your website.

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