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Featured Snippets in Google All About You Want To Know

Google is constantly updating its features and you have to keep up with them and know how they work. This is what you seek to improve your site’s ranking in the search engines as well as monitor your competitors. Featured snippets are the first thing a person sees when researching so they are of great importance.

Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets in Search is a box that appears at the top of search results when a user asks a question in Google Search. The snippet box includes a summary of the answer that is extracted from the webpage as well as the title and link of the page.

Featured snippet helps you to visit your site significantly, which can be multiplied, because it is not just a normal search result that appeared in the first place in the search results, but a box well-defined and interesting, and it will not be enough for the user to read the answer, although it is summarized and sufficient, the user will aspire to get For more information about his question by clicking on the site link listed in the featured box.

Featured Snippets Types


It is the most common type of featured snippets. they help searchers to reach the accurate and short answer for their questions. this type appears with the image of the article.

Numbered List

This will appear if you search about steps or tips. and if you will search for ways. It is a very easy and clear snippet that will help any person to take an overview of the article.


Data will appear as a table with the data that are involved in the article. it will appear rarely. 

Tips To Appear As Featured Snippets

In fact, you can’t do this yourself, Google programmatically identifies distinct snippets, by crawling web pages and choosing the appropriate answer to the user’s question and displays them as a distinct snippet at the top of the search results.

But here are some tips for filtering your site’s content into the Google box:

  • The title of the article is a question that begins with «What – How – What – Who».
  • The title of the question ends with a question mark always “?”.
  • The presence of important and targeted words in the title of the question, link and alternative text of the image, even
  • if there is a subtitle within the same article «h1 – h2 – h3».
  • It is preferable that the answer be present immediately after the headline ie in the first paragraph or at least always
  • be present after the subtitle, and the answer should be straightforward and clear and sufficient.
  • The number of words of the article more than 300 words.
  • Exclusive and unmovable content.
  • Content is visitor-friendly, understandable and easily understood by Google itself.

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