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Facts and Statistics Websites Which are More Common

Facts and Statistics Websites are the most important sources to know the real and actual data of any area, so it is necessary to know the most important sites of statistics with the correct information, away from counterfeiting or lying, and you can use them in your work as a blogger or marketer, and to know the most important sites continued reading.

Importance of Facts and Statistics Websites

The sites of statistics and indicators contribute to the knowledge of the correct information in any particular field, especially when writing topics that address the number of visits and the number of people spending time on a particular Facebook or Instagram, and to know this number specifically are using the sites of reliable statistics.

Providing percentages and numbers increases the accuracy of the information contained in the article or topic, enhancing your credibility as a blogger because it demonstrates your honesty in writing, and your honesty in presenting accurate information.

Main Statistics Websites

Statistics Websites- HubSpot Research

HubSpot Research is one of the most important statistics sites. It is a major source of marketing and media statistics. It also deals with advertising and blogging, content marketing, e-mail opening rates, social media platforms and search engine optimization (SEO).

The site also provides the subject in addition to the graphs that show statistics, simple and easy to the reader as shown in the following picture, and provides information in detail, such as determining the number of users Instagram, according to the age of users, and the number of e-mail opening rates, Download the report and the topic in an integrated way on your computer in the form of PowerPoint, for example.

KOMarketing site

Is a specialized site to display marketing topics. It also presents his topics with details of the success or failure of business owners and consumers. It also includes important statistics that show the trends of the marketing industry and greatly informs all marketers to find out the information that helps them in marketing products to customers.

StatisticBrain site

StatisticBrain is one of the most prominent statistical sites that provide a wide range of data and statistics on business and is characterized by providing data in the form of organized tables, which can take advantage of the figures mentioned, and use in various topics on business.

LatinLink site

LatinLink is based on providing market and demographic data, providing statistics for Latin America, the United States, and Brazil, offering interesting topics based on attention-grabbing numbers and statistics, and helping you as a marketer or blogger to write your topic to the audience you want, especially with Add correct data and statistics that reinforce the theme.

Statista site

Statista is one of the most reliable statistical sites providing reliable data, trusted by the majority of marketers who use content supported by data and statistics covering multiple categories of people, so it is an important site to learn the general data and statistics about B2B business and marketing.

Statista provides some important statistics for free. You can download them in PDF format or PNG format. You can also sign up for $ 49 per month to get more than 1 million statistics to use in writing your content to be more credible. Examples of data from Statista The following picture.

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