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Facebook Ads Manual Vs Automatic Bidding

Facebook Ads is a group of terms that are used to describe forms of online advertising that focus on social networking services. it has two types of ads bidding manual and automatic. they will be discussed and the difference between them here.

Manual Vs Automatic Bidding

Manual Bidding type of ads bidding involves managing your bids straight through AdWords. it allows you to tell Facebook how much you are willing to spend on the result of your campaign objective you can tell Facebook that you only want to spend X amount, give or take, per action, and Facebook will keep you around X.  it can be compared to being in the day-to-day trenches where you are completely involved in every change and nuance of your account. The type of marketers who prefer this type of bidding value the highest level of control and the ability to make swift changes, be they small or large.


  • Quick reactions You run an Auction Insights report and come to the conclusion that new competitors have been pushing CPCs to increase.
  • Control you are able to bid on the individual keyword level and determine how aggressive you want to be with your bids at the most specific level. 
  • No delay in changes  Manual bidding ensures that your changes are in effect without delay. 


  • The larger the account and challenge big spending accounts that house thousands of keywords get more and more difficult to effectively manage on a granular level.
  • Chance for inefficiencies having a day-to-day view of the account can potentially prevent a marketer from seeing the bigger picture. 
  • Bidding can eat up your time adjusting bids manually can easily turn into a full-time job
  • Limited segmentation options if you want to bid certain campaigns or ad groups similarly, you are limited to a certain account structure. 

Automatic Bidding another type of ads bidding gives control to an algorithm to selectively choose the most optimal bids.  it’s more of a set it and forget it approach. Automatic bidding does exactly what it sounds like. Once you set it Facebook’s algorithms will take over and automatically adjust your bid to what get you the lowest CPC and CPA. 


  • Versatile segmentation ability to segment your campaigns and ad groups based on similarity and categorize them into custom folders which you can then bid separately.
  • Efficiency automation can give you the freedom in bandwidth to manage your big accounts on a macro level and focus instead on growth opportunities 
  • Ability to handle large and complex accounts it can be challenging to manage all of the thousands of keywords within large or complex accounts.


  • Traffic and conversion suggestions it is advised that switching over to automated bidding is best when your account has traffic and conversion volume.
  • Automation does not mean hands off you still have to actively keep tabs on your account and pull levers on a regular basis to make sure these tools are effectively performing the way you intend them to. 
  • Potential delay in changes there is an extra step of syncing your changes to the channel. Most platforms will automatically sync once or a few times a day, with the option to manually sync your campaigns.
  • Be wary of aggressive changes when optimizing with a bid management tool, it is wise not to be overly aggressive when adjusting targets because algorithms require time to develop and build history.


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