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Examples of The Internet of Things Applications

Every day we use the internet of everything IOT and we may not know the meaning of it. simply IOT is the billions of physical devices around the world that are now connected to the internet, collecting and sharing data like smartphones,  Driverless Cars, and Wearables devices, so in this article, we will provide you with the internet of things examples.

Examples of The Internet of Things Applications

Driverless Cars

We all see the driverless cars in science fiction movies but no this is actually here today and are mostly under development or prototype stages. These cars do not have drivers and are sensible enough to take you to your destination and your hand off, also they are equipped with tons of devices like sensors, gyroscopes, cloud architecture, internet and more

Some of the technology companies are working on driverless cars such as Tesla, Volvo, BMW, Uber, but these cars need special roads and we didn’t see these roads yet, it can’t simply walk among other cars it needs a special road.

Disaster warning

The Alert and Coordination System is a joint initiative of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and the European Commission that serves to consolidate and improve the dissemination of disaster-related information, in order to improve the coordination of international relief efforts and it is related to IOT.

Wearables devices are common nowadays and they are related to IOT such as smart watches, and anything you’re wearing that is connected to the internet is part of IoT. Through sensors again, these devices communicate data to give you the most precise information on your needs.

Amazon Go

Amazon has a successful online store but the company has now decided to use IoT to back its retail stores, which will have no cashiers or cash counters. Using sensors, online wallets, and your account, computers, and machines will take over the brick and mortar stores still give you amazing online shopping experience.

Smart Homes

Smart homes are the most common example of IOT because they are designed to provide you optimum security and convenience, smart homes ensure you come back to a paradise. In which you can control everything in your house by remote control. 

Industrial Internet

This is the newest thing in the industrial field. Industrial internet improves engineering with sensors, software and big data analytics to create brilliant machines. Jeff Immelt, CEO, GE Electric says about the industrial Internet  “beautiful, desirable and investable”.

IoT in Agriculture

Day after day the population is in an increase and we ask for good food. Governments are helping farmers to use advanced techniques and research to increase food production. Smart farming is one of the fastest growing fields in IoT.

IOT in Healthcare

Our health is very important so Connected healthcare yet remains the sleeping giant of the Internet of Things applications. Researches say that the IoT in healthcare will be massive in the coming years, so IoT will make a big difference in the field of health care.

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