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Electronic Contract Everything You Need To Know

With the technological development that accompanies everything, contracts have become a major part of this modern progress, and there has been an electronic contract that has many advantages, which has increased the popularity of its use significantly in the recent period, especially among the large companies that make their payments through the Internet.

What is the Electronic contract

An electronic contract is a type of contract required by electronic commerce between different companies through the Internet.

Interacting between two companies or more through official methods such as e-mail.

The e-contract may deal with the person or company with other human persons, or a website such as various programs for the establishment of a particular project, or may be dealt with through two electronic work and programmers to understand the same contracts and details and the application of the basic principles.

Characteristics of the Electronic Contract

1 – These contracts rely on the use of the Internet only, and official emails, and do not use contracts and paper papers concrete, and this has made the process easier on both sides.

2 – deal in these contracts are signed through the scanner, which is used to enter the signature on the computer, but does not use traditional inks because it does not depend on the use of paper.

3 – The electronic contract facilitates both the question and answer and continuous communication through the email at any time, which gives more flexibility in the process of trade.

4. It is often characterized by a commercial nature, so it is called an electronic commerce contract and is most often used in various commercial goods transactions.

5- Paying two installments is one of the characteristics of these contracts. You can pay by visa after agreeing with the other party on the cost of the item or service you get through it.

The Stages of Electronic Contract Formation

First, the drafting stage

It is the first and most important step to conclude contracts. It defines the full contract form, the writing of the terms and the required form of the contract, what the parties should adhere to during the entire period, and the duties of the parties during the period and the terms of termination of the contract at any time.

At this stage, people must put all their problems in the way of agreement, and access to root access that satisfies the parties before signing the agreement.

Each party after reading the electronic contract shall have the right to object or present its opinion before the completion of all the details.

Configuration phase

This phase is called the negotiation stage. Here, each party has the right to negotiate with the other party in order to waive certain conditions that are not suitable for the client or the other company.

At this stage, both sides recognize each other more, and determine the flexibility of dealing with the other party, and set the deadlines for the start and detailed details of the trust, and here are the dates agreed in the electronic contract mandatory on both parties.

Implementation phase

This phase is the actual stage of the details of the conditional electronic contract. If the agreed contract is to deliver goods or complete a certain service, the parties will immediately begin to implement and take into account the application of the agreed terms.

We develop every moment, and the Internet makes it easier for us to do our business day and day. Instead of having a personal contract with a company, you can easily communicate with the company through its official email and agree on the details of buying and selling. Create a complete culture of your place with all safety and ease.

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