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Economic Growth Effect on Digital Marketing

Recently, new Digital marketing techniques have been slow to grow and economic developments have also helped dramatically change the shape and performance of e-commerce by influencing the production, sales and purchasing phases. Markets for trade in each country and this is reflected in the economic growth, so in this article, we will review the economic effects of e-marketing on the level of individuals and how this affects the relationship between economic growth and marketing Electronic

Economic Growth Effects at The Level of Individuals

Saving time and effort

E-marketing is characterized by its markets are open around the clock and customers do not need to travel or wait in the queue of purchase to get a particular product, as they do not have to transport this product home because of the advanced delivery services directly on the Internet does not need to buy any product except clicking on the product and Enter credit card information in the settlement of payments

Price Reduction

On the Internet there are many companies that sell their products at lower prices than traditional markets because e-marketing can save a lot of expenses, and the reduction of prices results from many factors, including the reduction of costs, which represents the costs of productivity and marketing and transport costs, and e-marketing reduces the costs of printing and travel

One of the factors that contribute to the reduction of prices is the competition between companies that offer the same product, which makes it easier for the consumer to compare the prices offered, which makes companies reduce their prices and contribute to the reduction of many distribution outlets. In the case of digital marketing, this is an advantage for consumers to have access to goods at low prices

Consumer Satisfaction

The Internet provides unified companies on the electronic market some features that can benefit from them, which contribute to customer satisfaction, such as the rapid response service to customers’ inquiries, which saves time and effort and captures their satisfaction in addition to the security and confidentiality of financial information provided by security protocols, which contributed to the removal of concerns Consumers

economic growth effects

Economic Growth Impacts at the corporate level

Economic Growth- Take advantage of marketing opportunities

Institutions of countries benefit from the marketing opportunities offered by e-marketing by allowing them to access international markets to display their products and break the monopoly of large companies to these markets where small and medium companies no longer need traditional means of sale and no longer need to move to other countries but need intermediaries who They play an important role in e-marketing so that companies can display products, services, and ideas freely on their websites

Reduce costs

Building a website is more economical than building retail markets and does not require the maintenance of offices and spending heavily on traditional means of promotion or installation of expensive equipment to serve customers.E-marketing contributes to the reduction of costs and saves the number of administrative offices as the database owned by the company on the site Enables the company to retain the names of customers and the history of sales operations.

Increase production

Increasing the relationship between economic growth and e-marketing is the result of increasing the productive capacity of companies provided by e-marketing and also provides high efficiency in the presentation of goods and services on the sites dedicated to enterprises on the Internet

E-marketing is of great importance for its role in opening new markets and helping to promote products and services more. It has become a key factor in increasing economic growth, which confirms the relationship between economic growth and e-marketing.

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