E-commerce Website Creation Tips That You Can Use

E-commerce website creation

In addition to products and good marketing, one of the most important things that determine the success of e-commerce business is its website.

The E-commerce Website Creation should be easy to use and be always improved and should be easy to manage.

To take the lead in acquiring the business as in the case of Souq.com and other online stores,

if you want to own a business in the next few years, you must create e-commerce sites.

What Should Be Available in The Online Store

First: There must be a suitable and reliable way of shipping, to achieve this must choose the best companies

in terms of delivery speed and economic cost must take into account companies such as

Aramex, FedEx, DHL, and these companies have local offices in most Arab countries that can be contacted to know Possible ways of cooperation.

Second: It is necessary to provide a secure payment method.

Besides payment through your store prefer to provide a service on receipt of payment,

and this service is done by some courier companies and recently applied global shopping sites because it is a favourite among Arab shoppers,

The most famous in the Arab Aramex, where the representative the company delivers the shipment to the buyer and collects the required amount.

Third: clear and strict policies, for example, setting a privacy policy, terms of use, a returned product policy, and a buyer protection policy.

Fourth: a secure security system to secure payment processes and secure customer data can be purchased completely such systems, such as buying a security program against viruses.

Fifth: a tight storage system, because products regardless of the material manufactured can be damaged in the case of wrong storage, which causes heavy losses.

Sixth: Customer support service to communicate with buyers and sometimes through the chat system as it is faster to communicate than phone calls or e-mail.

How to Create E-commerce Sites

Choose an appropriate site name and good hosting service

After making the decision to create your own e-commerce site, your first task is:

  1. To make a list of the best names that you suggest for the site
  2. Search the web if available
  3. It is important to choose a suitable name, easy to spell, related to the type of business you offer
  4. After settling on a suitable name for your site, you can start printing this name on your business card.

Print your business card on marketing publications and send it to some newspapers for press releases.

The Basics of E-commerce Website Creation

After registering your site name and choosing a good hosting service,

and making a plan for how to display your products/services across the site, the next step is to design and build any website that contains the following:


The key to the success of any site is content. Provide visitors with interesting information,

incentives to visit and purchase, and ways to reach you.

After your site becomes online, update and add content periodically to encourage visitors to return and repeat visits and purchases, marketing content can be classified as one of the best ways of Marketing.

The Structure:

You decide how many pages you want the site to contain, how you will link those pages to each other, what are the key logos for pages and products, you can set up the master pages first and a new page for each product with all its details.

the design:

With content and site structure, the design comes in third, whether you’re hiring independently or doing it yourself. Focus on simplicity, consistency, and usability.

Browse the site:

Make page navigation easy and fun for the visitor, for example, don’t use more than three or four-directional links to your home pages, and never let the visitor reach a dead end.


Creating an e-commerce site that relies primarily on credibility.

Website Marketing:

Perhaps these are not closely related to site construction, but there is no site without visits,

no business without customers so the marketing plan must be prepared for the site and how it will reach

the target market and how to gain their trust through different marketing channels.

Another way to E-commerce Website Creation

First: there are several ways to create an online store, but if you don’t have experience in creating and designing websites, you can simply find a web design company through Google.

Secondly: a free or paid trial e-store can be created by using e-commerce platforms that include

premium Arabic platforms such as Expandcart.

Third: If you have enough knowledge of popular platforms such as WordPress or Magento,

there are e-commerce templates equipped and distinct free and paid and can always be found in the section Ecommerce Themes.

Fourthly: you can purchase globally approved security systems known as SSL through companies

such as thawte.com and verisign.com, the two most popular companies in terms of security systems that provide

customer data and payments.

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