Advantages and Disadvantages of Display Advertising

display advertising

In the digital marketing field, display advertising appeared on select websites across the internet that used to deliver general advertisements and brand messages to site visitors.

It is an online form of advertising in which the company’s promotional messages appear on third-party sites or search engine results pages such as publishers or social networks. The main purpose of display advertising is to support brand awareness and it also helps to increase the purchase intention of consumers.

It has both strengths and weaknesses that must be taken into consideration before deciding whether to create your own display campaign. Let’s through this article talk about the Advantages and Disadvantages of Display Advertising.

Advantages  of Display Advertising


you can build brand awareness and awareness of your products and services. While search advertising reaches an audience with an intention to purchase, a display can create an initial interest. Display ads have a high reach and can be seen by large numbers of people. Since display ads are branded and styled, often with an offer, a user can gather information on your brand simply by seeing your display ad, no click necessary.

Ability to track Your Results

Display advertising allows you to monitor and track the results of all your campaigns. You can find out when a lead converted into a sale, note the platform where it happened, and determine what kinds of ads are working best for your particular demographic. With the data it provides, you can know exactly how many times your ad or ads have been clicked. Being able to track your investment allows you to ensure you are getting the most out of it.

Attracting attention

Display advertising is obviously more attractive than flyers, bulletin boards or traditional billboards. The ability to include high-resolution images and moving graphics adds to the attractiveness of a digital screen.  With display ads, you can use graphics, video, audio, and your company’s branding to stand out to users and attract their attention.


There are certain targeting options that aren’t available through search marketing. These include the topic and interest targeting and remarketing. You can also reach specific demographics such as gender and age. you can create specific parameters for your display ads: which sites they appear on, which geographic area they appear in, which demographic or niche market they appear to.

Support Retargeting

you can put your ad in front of people who have previously visited your website. This is a way to reach out to people who have expressed interest in your business, and who could still be considering your business.

Disadvantages  of Display Advertising

Lower conversions

A lower CTR (click through rate) also means lower sales and registrations. When users see your ad they aren’t actively looking for your products or services, so they may not be ready to buy. Display ads are more suitable for long sales processes than for selling high volumes.

Integration with social media

Did you know that for big brands, the majority of Likes are generated by advertising on Facebook? Likewise, you can also advertise in Linked In, with Twitter offering more options soon.

Less competition

Due to their prevalence, display ads aren’t such a competitive format. You’re not competing for airtime, or for specific search pages, or for a prime slot on a much-talked-about hashtag; you’re simply building an ad with mass appeal and trusting Google to get it out into the world.

Lack of reputation management

With display ads, you’re not always in control of where your ads appear. This has, on occasion, resulted in very awkward and even damaging situations for brands. While this is a rare occurrence, this lack of control is too much for some brands to risk.

Association with spam

Another downside to display ads is that they’ve earned a bad reputation as spammy nuisances, offering little to no value. Many internet users even equate display ads with spam, especially the ads that autoplay or force you to close them in order to proceed.

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