Digitize Your Invoices With invopal

Invopal is the first digital invoicing system without fees that will help you to send an invoice to your customer online via E-mail & SMS, it can also be paid using Visa and MasterCard cards.

With Invopal, you will be able to send invoices to your customers by SMS, email or directly through the Vapulus payment app.

Free! It is one of the easiest and fastest billing applications that enables you to get your money on spot.

What services does Invopal provide?

Create and send invoices
Every bill paid means more revenue in your business. All you have to do is create and send professional invoices to your clients in seconds.
These invoices are clear, concise and use any currency with easy delivery to your customers, this is done by SMS, email or through the Vapulus app.
Send unlimited bills without a monthly subscription!
Stay organized and easily control your billing and accounting systems, because Invopal lets you send unlimited invoices for free, on any account type.

Custom Invoices
You can add your own logo to your invoices for consistent branding and to differentiate your brand from the rest. This makes it easier for customers to recognize the sender when they receive your invoice messages, and also gives your invoice the necessary professionalism that serves your e-commerce.

View your account history
Dynamically generated account statements are a great reference for past transactions. invopal provides you with the ability to choose a specific seller or customer to view his history and full statements of accounts and send them at any time with ease, without having difficulty in collecting those records.

Accept payments directly on your bills
invopal makes easy and secure payments built directly into your bills. All you have to do is start accepting credit card payments online directly from the invoice.

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