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Digital Transformation All About It

The digital transformation is one of the most important factors that help the economic growth of countries in general and companies in particular. It also saves time and effort to perform all tasks in all institutions and bodies. It also contributes to achieving success and achieving goals quickly and accurately.

Facts about Digital Transformation

1. Digital product collection does not mean digital transformation

“Most companies are trying to collect digital offerings and think they have implemented a digital transformation,” said Nils von Fonstad, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology researcher. “These offerings and products do not add value to the business, so you have to set the standards for digital transformation. Collect digital products that add nothing to your business.

So the company can do three things: connect innovation to a great extent, make the experience easy for employees, share responsibilities among all with innovation, so be sure to set the standards for digital transformation first, then take the necessary digital products.

2. Note the importance of the new idea for your customers

You can apply a new idea to your company by testing it first with your customers before actually applying it to product and service offerings. The most successful digital businesses are based on five fundamentals: shared customer insights, core operating technology, and a digital platform that can From re-establishing the idea of ​​the next customer, balancing independence and suitability, use an external developer system in order to provide more to customers and to get their satisfaction.

So you have to pay attention to balancing the release of new ideas into products and services for the development, but with the approval of existing and potential customers, to become one of the most successful companies.

3. Communicating with customers is important In Digital Transformation

Adriana, Information Officer and Digital Officer at the National Energy Company of the network, pointed to the importance of observing the customers’ feelings. She pointed out her duty to communicate with customers in order to share the company’s current situation. She also indicated that there is a new opportunity in the company to offer consumer choice. The availability of solar energy is sufficient, and the future compensation of the consumer with the necessary energy.

4. Enhancing cooperation with external actors

Most digital innovation managers take the view of collaborating with others outside the organization to create new ideas and apply them in the field of work. They also encourage digital transformation professionals to adopt collective intelligence for the world, to make experiences more useful, During which specific customer problems are resolved more quickly.

5. Establishing a ready-made company in the future with a distinguished leader

“There are several ways to make the company ready for the future,” said Nick Mullen, a research scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He pointed to the reasons for the success of companies, the most important of which is the innovation of customer experience, the focus on eliminating complexity and the establishment of a digitally prepared company. Where the world is making decisions based on customers, not employers.

6. Attention to the existence of a data strategy

A data strategy contributes to digital transformation because data is the key component of digital transformation. Creating a data strategy can be difficult for many companies because of the many data they have, but it will facilitate the company’s digital transformation. For successful data attention is focused on finding and using data, focusing on platforms that serve data quickly and reliably, and a deep understanding of customer needs.

7. Digital fatigue

Digital transformation is a very accurate process because it relies on data, so it causes digital fatigue due to its reliance on experience and error learning to achieve the best experience. It requires monitoring all the operations that you perform, from satisfying the customer that is difficult to satisfy, And the change in the company’s mentality to suit the needs of the customer, in order to reach the best customer experience, as well as the best experience of the company.

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