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Digital Transformation Challenges

A recent study by the Global Research Foundation Gartner. inc, identified 6 challenges that IT managers must overcome to make a digital transformation. In this essay, we will discuss digital transformation challenges in details.

Digital Transformation Challenges

Refusing Changes

digital transformation description is to change that can be radical the system will work within the company and enterprise to match the same product and methods of providing services, so while the idea of digital transformation on the table on the previous arise to resist this change and keep the status quo face pressure to change it.

But why resist this change?

That resistance causes a scientific reason mainly that this digital transformation at the beginning is not that clear for people who will be affected by this change, whether they are customers or employees of that institution.

Managers who are interested in the establishment of the culture of the new digital  transformation to start in simple to identify the mindset of digital is clear, and assemble a special team digital innovation, and then to cooperate with him and protect him from the rest of the members of the institution to allow the development of the New Labour culture, then it can strengthen the links between digital transformation and core work to expand the scope of new ideas and dissemination of the work culture.

Institutions aren’t ready for changes

While there are many institutions in various parts of the world about the digital transformation and the attention of others to its importance and necessity of inevitability.

when the start of the actual steps in the way of this move surprised the managers adopted the digital control after the device of such institutions to deliver this change, not only because of the cultural rejection of the change but because the digital transition is almost complete in the management systems of these institutions and therefore needs a lot of resources and skills which are often beyond the capacities of these institutions, which hinders the exchange of process control.

For institutions that adopt a very routine pattern

The management systems work on a wide range of institutions current routine and severe that permeates every stage of the work; each does the job it specified which does not include any scope for creativity or highlight the talent of individual or even collective ones; which in turn poses a significant barrier when you think about the digital control of these systems very routine.

Digital transformation requires creative thinking and expertise from a different level than this. these institutions must begin to change their traditional work patterns and open up new opportunities for creativity and innovation needed to integrate digital and modern technology workers, such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, etc.

digital transformation

Talent gap

Track most institutions, a pattern traditionally at work, where work is organized in specific tasks, such as information technology, sales and supply chains, as it is a major focus on operations, and in such kind of working environments, change can be slow.

digital transformation requires that institutions are a completely different approach, a new approach depends on blending people, processes, and technology together to create business models and new services, the staff also need new skills to focus on innovation and change and creativity, combined with a focus on new technologies alone, such as the artificial intelligence AI and the Internet of Things IoT.

Limited participation and cooperation

Does not constitute a lack of desire to participate and cooperate to identify the level of Organization of the work between the institutions, but this question is also a major challenge within any institution,

the issues of process control and information systems and possession, and make workers reluctant to share their knowledge and experience, are often the cause of digital innovation with teams that share in the multiple tasks completely different from what you’re employees with respect to functions and hierarchies, if you must show the lender that will keep them towards the issue of participation and cooperation.

Change isn’t easy

When we talk about digital transformation, the report here includes all the expectations and management systems as well as policies and organizational structures have been extended to a thorough change in the organization of work with partners, all this must take a lot of time, effort and money this is the most important key factors that qualify any institution or company to make a decision the digital transformation.

Play the vision and understanding of the strategic role of it in creating the appropriate environment for the near-term and long build organizational capacity and support the design principles and operations of simple change and continuous which in turn accelerate digital transformation process simpler and faster.

Consideration should also be given to strengthening cooperation and networking internal and external support talent and innovation creative industries to facilitate the transformation process and to create products and solutions to New simmers.

Digital Transformation in Banking and Financial Services

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