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Digital Growth Statistics in The United Kingdom 2019

Digital systems have recently developed in the UK, and have grown exponentially in all digital areas. You can learn about the UK’s most important digital growth statistics by reading on to Digital Growth in the United Kingdom.

Digital Growth Statistics in the United Kingdom

According to the report of We are social Hootsuite, the latest studies on digital growth in the United Kingdom are as follows:

1. Number of users in the UK

The population of the United Kingdom was 66.77 million in January 2019. The number of Internet users was 95% of the total population of the United Kingdom. The number of active users in Media Media was 67% and the number of active users in Media Media via smartphones was 58%.

The UK has seen an increase in population by 0.6%, Internet usage by 0.6%, increased user active media usage by 2.3% and active users of Social Media by 2.6%.

2 – the use of devices

In the United Kingdom, 92% of the total mobile phone population was mobile phone users, 77% were smartphone owners, 74% were PC owners and computers, 53% were tablet owners, 89%, and the proportion of people using television to view content through the Internet 22%.

3 – spend time online

The average daily time spent on the internet was 5 hours 46 minutes. The average daily time spent using social media on any device was 50 hours, while the average visual content was 3 hours and 42 minutes per day. The average time to listen to music every day was about 1 hour and 5 minutes.

4. Using the Internet

The number of Internet users in the United Kingdom was 63.43 million, accounting for 95% of the total population, while the number of active Internet users via smartphones reached 53.60 million people at 80% of the total number.

The percentage of people who use the Internet every week is 8%, while the percentage of people who use the internet every month is 2%. This indicates the digital growth of the UK population and their daily use of the Internet in all fields. Processor personality.

The average Internet speed of the mobile phone was 29.17 megabytes, and the average Internet speed in communications was 54.93 megabytes.

5. Ranking websites

Google came in the first place, followed by Google UK, followed by YouTube, Facebook ranked fourth, then BBC ranked fifth, followed by Amazon.com Ranked sixth, followed by eBay ranked seventh, followed by Wikipedia ranked eighth, followed by Twitter ranked ninth.

As for the report Alexa site came Google ranked first, followed by the site of YouTube in second place, followed by Google UK ranked third, followed by Facebook ranked fourth, Amazon came in fifth place, then the BBC site Ranked sixth, then came Wikipedia site ranked seventh, eBay ranked ninth, Twitter platform ranked tenth.

6- Using Social Media

The percentage of users of Social media in communication through e-mail 96% at the end of December 2018, the average time spent on media media about an hour and 50 minutes, the average number of accounts per person on all platforms Social Media 7.1 different, while the number of Users of Social Media for Work 13%.

YouTube ranked first as the most popular media sites visited by users in the United Kingdom, followed by Facebook, followed by Messenger in third place, then ranked fourth in the application of the wats August, then ranked fifth in the site of Instagram, Followed by Twitter in sixth place, then Snap Chat in seventh place, ranked 8th in LinkedIn, then ranked 9th in the Pantest site, and Skype came in tenth.

7. E-commerce

The percentage of searches for a product before it was purchased online was 86%, the percentage of visits to electronic stores through any device was 91%, the percentage of purchases of products or services through the Internet was 81%, and the proportion of purchases through the personal computer or 53%, and the proportion of purchases through smartphones 45%.

eBay ranked first as the most visited online store by customers in the UK, Amazon came second, followed by Nike in third place.

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