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Digital Economy All You Want To Know about It

The digital economy emerged as a result of the spread of the Internet in all fields, and thus contributed to the growth of the international economy, and was called the digital economy because it is based on technology and the Internet, and to learn more about the electronic economy and its most important characteristics continued reading.

What is the Digital Economy

The digital economy is a technology-based economy, sometimes called the Internet economy, where it relies on technology at the data and information collection stages, including training, education, and the creation of various software programs that serve data management.

The electronic economy is created in accordance with legislation and laws issued by the government in order to protect the data and information in it.

Characteristics of the Digital Economy

The electronic economy has a set of characteristics that distinguish it from the traditional economy and the circulation among people and the most important characteristics of the following:

Digital Economy is an Electronic Economy

The electronic economy relies on the digitization of information, collected electronically via Internet networks, or a network that connects a group of devices to each other, much like encrypted digital currencies such as Bitcoin.

Depends on culture and knowledge

The digital economy depends on culture and information. It collects information through society with culture and knowledge. It can be considered as a social economy as well. It places the knowledge of the community and thus contributes to the production and distribution of information and knowledge.

Enjoy Networking

The Internet is an electronic network that connects the whole world with each other. The electronic economy depends on the existence of a network of information related to one another, thus contributing to the collection of information through the network that brings together people, allowing the exchange of information among members of the same network.

It is a virtual economy, not an actual one

The digital economy is a virtual economy because it relies on collecting information and data through the Internet. Thus, the information is in its virtual form, not material. The information cannot be distinguished by paper money. It has contributed to the creation of companies and markets. Services, without having to go to their actual location.

Components of the Digital Economy

The electronic economy consists of four main components:

Internet infrastructure

The Internet infrastructure contains companies that provide services and products, which contribute to the operation of large, the most important of these companies are Internet service providers, manufacturers of computers and computers, and suppliers of the backbone of the Internet NTT.

Internet Applications

Internet applications provide the right environment for individuals to facilitate transactions and business electronically. Among the most important Internet applications are Internet trading applications such as Microsoft and IBM, various search engines such as Google search engine, and multimedia applications such as Apple applications.

Internet Brokers

Where Internet brokers facilitate online buying and selling through the provision of appropriate means. The most important intermediaries on the Internet are travel agents, e-markets, and media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Internet Trading

Internet commerce includes the sale of products and services to users, whether individuals or companies, through the Internet, and the most important types of Internet commerce: retail such as Souq.com, Amazon, auctions such as eBay, and various electronic payment services such as Streep and PayPal Apple and eBay.

The digital economy has many advantages that have made it a strong income for individuals and companies by providing opportunities for business and business creation over the Internet. It has become one of the most important types of the economy that contributed to the growth of the international economy based on trade. The digital economy includes electronic commerce and other activities. Online Business.

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