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Brand Positioning Different Types

Brand positioning is the image that your customers put in their minds about your brand also it is the space your brand occupies in the brains of your customers. It makes customers view your product in a unique way and makes it stand out from the competition like coca-cola it has an image of happiness in our brain and Apple it has a luxury image.

Before we talk about the different types of brand positioning lets get to know the characteristics of a Good Brand Positioning 

The positioning must be relevant to your brand if the customer felt that the brand is not irrelevant he wants love to buy it.

Recognizable Feature
The unique feature should be known by your customer. This includes keeping your positioning simple, and in a language that is understood by the customer.

Here we are talking about the promises you say it must e true and deliverable.

Brand positioning must be unique like the design, colors, and slogan.

Your brand message should be clear to consumers.

Now, let’s talk about the different types of brand positioning

Lifestyle Positioning
The lifestyle brand tries to sell an image or identity rather than the product. The main focuses are associated with the brand with a lifestyle and focus is more on the aspirational value than the product value lice LM cigarettes and Alcohol.

Celebrity Positioning
It is a great something to hire celebrities to be a spokesman the goal is to spread brand awareness and recognition by associating your company with a glamorous individual. Sure this is an expensive way but consumer tends to trust celebrities implicitly because she’s familiar with their faces.

The Problem Solver
Most of the brands concentrate on this strategy. The strategy of solving customers’ problems like Tide soap and Detail cleaner.

Parent Brand
This positioning strategy aims at establishing a good brand promise and a reputation of the parent brand.

Feature Specific
A lot of brands use this strategy, they focus on a specific feature in the product this happens a lot in the car industry. 

Benefit Positioning
It is a very good strategy to use the benefit Positioning like telling the customers what will benefit from using or buying a certain product.

Now, Before you decide which brand positioning you will use, ask yourself this question.

-What does my customer really want?


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