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Different stages of Startup Funding

Do you have a brilliant project idea ? an idea that you want to turn it into reality but you don’t know how to make it real because you need a lot of money if so this article is for you. We will give you information about the Different stages of Startup Funding, Before you start raising funds in the project, the main thing is to understand the various stages. This will help determine what way (or combination of methods) you take to obtain startup financing.

Different stages of Startup Funding

A very good way to those who don’t like sharing their company with anyone, you just need to save money to be able to start up your project, By investing your own money  you will not only protect yourself from outside influence, but in case of failure, you will not be in debt to someone else.

-Credit cards
There are advantages and disadvantages for funding by using credit cards, for starters it doesn’t take to long to get the approval for the for a business credit card, and minimum payments are generally pretty low. If you want to set up your business quickly and you do not have enough money, credit cards can be an attractive option.

-Bank loans
For the bank loans, it is a little hard you need a good credit rating and taxed taxes also some insurances
such as Wells Fargo, the National Bank of Huntington, J.P. Morgan Chase and the National Association of the United States Bank are the most active when it comes to issuing loans for small businesses.

-Business Angels
An angel investor is a rich person with a high level of income, and he invests his money in a lot of things in exchange for a share in it from their owners. Business angels invest in the startup at its early when it just an idea and they ready to take risks.

The crowdfunding platforms are witnessing growth in the last period such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo, they provided the founders of startups a unique opportunity to implement their ideas and deliver them directly to consumers. Crowdfunding is a great method to empower your project and good proof to investors that people are interested in your project.

So these were five Different stages of Startup Funding which you can choose from them what suits you, Good luck.

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