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Difference Between Vlogging and Blogging

Content is the king and includes many types of writing, you can choose the best and the most appropriate content types to your business and the service or product that you offer. The spread of digital marketing gives Vlogging and Blogging a great important role in the business. They are two basic types of content, So we will discuss in this article the key difference between Vlogging and Blogging

Difference Between Vlogging and Blogging


It is considered writing articles. it is an easy tool for earning money via the internet. If you want to use blogging you should follow some steps.

  • You must be interested in writing content.
  • You should know more information about the content you will write to make it attractive and good. if you write about the content you don’t know anything about it, you will write it with low quality.
  • Niche is a blog containing specified content such as sports blogs, fashion blogs, etc.
  • Nowadays, Google Adsense isn’t the main source of earning money via the internet. Blogging became a great way to earn money.
  • SEO is an important skill for writers in the blog to be sure that your blog gets rank on google and get a great audience bu using popular keywords and clear meta description.
  • There are many platforms for blogging such as WordPress, Tumbler, Pen, etc.
  • You could optimize your blog using SEO and affiliate marketing.

Blogging has advantages such as:

  • Easy to use and setup.
  • Don’t need a lot of tools.
  • A good source to express what you want.
  • You could edit the content after publishing.

Also, blogging has disadvantages like:

  • You need to know how to make great SEO to optimize your blog.
  • You need to update your content regularly.
  • You need to write attractive content to be sure that you will get the target audience.


Video blogs, shortened to vlogs and it is Introducing content through videos. You could use vlogging to share your content through video on youtube. many Vloggers use youtube to reach their fans. it could be a great way to earn money by attracting people and get more subscriptions and likes. if you want to be a Vlogger you should put these points into consideration.

  • Camera Confidence you should be confident when you stand for the camera to make an attractive video to watchers to guarantee more likes and subscriptions.
  • Camera Gear you must get a high-quality camera and you must know how to make a good video because some of the Vloggers on youtube don’t know the mechanism of making a video.
  • Storytelling is telling some stories in your vlog, it could make your content useful and attractive.
  • Ground Rules you should set some rules on your vlog. some rules force preventing making videos in some places So you should know the rules of each place you will use it.
  • Youtube Restrictions because most vloggers use youtube. they should know youtube policy like not sharing hateful videos, violating content, soam or scam content.

Vlogging has advantages such as:

  • Easy tool to set up and use.
  • Get more engagement than blogs.
  • It doesn’t need content writers.

Also, Vlogging has disadvantages such as:

  • Tools are expensive.
  • Editing content after publishing is impossible.
  • Videos don’t index by the search engine.
  • More expensive than blogging.

Finally, Many studies have shown that people are attracted to the visual content much more than any other content, whether in writing or video. You could use both vlogging and blogging in marketing, advertising, and e-commerce. blogs and vlogs can even be used side by side, maximizing the potential for traffic, and making a profit from monetizing them. 

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