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Difference Between Invention and Innovation

We all as humans realize that the sources we have are not permanent it can disappear at any time so innovation is an act of making changes to the existing product or sourced to save it and invention is simply discovering something new like inventing a cure for cancer and in this article we will provide you with information about the invention vs innovation in details.

The Meaning of Invention

The invention is designing, creating and discovering a device, method, process, that has not existed before as we said above inventing a cure for cancer, also it is the act of bringing ideas or objects together in a novel way to create something that did not exist before.

The Meaning of Innovation

Innovation is a new, brilliant, creative idea or discovery. Innovative ideas can be big or small, but breakthrough or disruptive innovation is something that either creates a new category or changes an existing one or keep the available sources save.

Invention vs Innovation

The invention is the idea or the discovery that has not been existing before but innovation is the idea or product or process that invented for the very first time like discovering gravity this is innovation.

innovation means adding value or making a change in the existing for saving it but the invention is related to the creation of a new product that was not here before.

The invention is coming up with a fresh idea and how it works in theory. As opposed to innovation, is all about the practical implementation of the new idea. Innovation requires things such as technical and strategic skills but an invention requires scientific skills to be done so both require different things.

Examples of Innovation in Technolgy

Wireless Charging Technology is an example of innovation in technology you can charge anything from laptops to electric vehicles without physical contact. The technology currently has 98 percent efficiency and it will be better by time.

Touch Mouse by Microsoft is an example to for innovation in technology it is not very new now but is considerd as an exampleThis beautiful design of the mouse has touch sensitive points that respond to finger movements to manipulate screen elements.

In conclusion, the difference between innovation and invention shall be clear now after making it simple with examples, so we hope that you now know the difference very well.

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