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Difference Between Digital Bank and Digital Banking

Digital Bank is an innovative firm that provides financing facilities and funding solutions to Fintech start-ups and formative or growth-stage companies that we identify to possess immense potential. DigitalBank is a widely-recognized financier of Venture Capital firms who specifically target high potential Fintech sector start-ups and companies to invest in.

Difference Between Digital Bank and Digital Banking

Digital banking includes activities like Money Deposits, Withdrawals, and Transfers Checking/Saving Account Management, Applying for Financial Products, Loan Management, and Bill Pay.
is broad as below.

  • Internet banking – Generally done on a computer.
  • Mobile banking – Almost all banks have a mobile app for carrying out transactions.
  • Phone banking – Through the call centre.
  • ATM banking – Transactions are done through ATM.

Digital bank Innovative Financing Solutions by finance coin which has changed the face of Fintech investments and the venture capital funding landscape. FinanceCoin was designed as a simple solution to solve a seemingly complex business solution to improve funding and capital flow among Venture Capital firms and start-ups or growing companies in the Fintech sector.

FinanceCoin is the first business-to-business, and also business-to-customer, decentralized Digital Currency that is focused on facilitating the capital flow between Venture Capital Firms and technology start-ups or growing companies that require capital funding. FinanceCoin was first created by employing a script algorithm which is used as proof-of-work for pre-mining and mining of the cryptocurrency. 

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