Difference Between Creativity and Innovation

creativity and Innovation

Creativity and Innovation are fundamental and vital engines to all business disciplines and technological activities at the individual, team, and organizational levels. creativity and innovation in any organization have become one of the determinants of organizational performance, success, and longer-term survival. The creative process is a critical component of learning experiences and practices and both of them are essential parts of the process of idea generation and implementation to develop and introduce new and improved ways of doing things and toward better procedures, performance, practices, or products.

What is Innovation Mean 

Innovation is the implementation of a new idea, product, service or process that using creativity to add value for the business, government or society. Value can be economic, social, psychological, or aesthetic. it is the spark that improves the company’s position and makes it the largest and best positioned in the market. It is also a style of corporate behavior and policy comfortable with new ideas, risks, and contingencies from sudden growth or even failure.

Companies that know how to innovate do not necessarily aim at Research and development. Instead, they cultivate a new pattern of corporate behavior that leads to continuous development and greater profit in a better and more comfortable way.

What is Creativity Mean 

Creativity is the ability to create and the quality of being creative for producing new, imaginary, and unfamiliar ideas and settings possibilities for transforming them into reality. Creativity is characterized by the ability to perceive the world in new ways, to create hidden patterns, to link seemingly unrelated phenomena and to generate unexpected and innovative problems and crisis solutions. Creativity involves two processes: thinking, then production. Creativity is the process of bringing something new into existence.

What is the difference between them?

The key difference between creativity and innovation is that the first refers to generate a fresh and new idea or plan, whereas the second implies initiating new service, product or invention to the market, which is not introduced before. Here are the other differences in points: 

  1. Creativity is related to ‘imagination’, but innovation is related to ‘productivity and implementation’.
  2. There is no financial consumption of creativity but there is a possibility for exposure for that at the implementation and innovation stage.
  3. Creativity can never be measurable, but innovation can be measurable.
  4. If you create something new and unique from nothingness, you can say that you created it, while if you have made improvements to something that already exists, it can be said that it was innovated.
  5. The thinking stage of new and unusual things and concepts termed as creativity whereas innovation is the process of converting these thoughts into practical usage.
  6. There is no risk involved in creativity, whereas the risk is always attached to innovation.
  7. Innovation has several different sources, but creativity is limited in ability and personal qualities that may not be available in anyone.
  8. Innovation requires creativity, not vice versa. Creativity is born on its own, the mentality of the creator is a good gift of inspiration that may be born with and may be developed by life and accumulated experience and the increase of science and knowledge. The creative idea when you get out of someone’s head – it’s an innovation.
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