Customer Service Management and Customer Experience Management

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People often confuse customer service with customer experience despite the fundamental differences between them. 
Customer service management focuses on the first line employees and makes sure they perform minimum levels of service and make sure they provide the service in a certain way.

Customer Service Management and Customer Experience Relationship

Customer service is part of the customer experience, that is, when we talk about the experience, we talk about something bigger and more comprehensive as the experience means to analyze and study

Stages of the experience going through the client without any role to manage customer service as an example of the company’s website, if customer service is often associated with employees but experience

The client includes employees as well as irrational points such as the website, the telephone application and any devices or machines that interact with the client to complete his service.

The customer service department in many organizations resolves complaints and is overwhelmed by firefighting.

Complaints This last role is played by the customer experience management because of its knowledge of the hidden details and services as well as the knowledge of the stakeholder’s involved role of each Someone in operation.


Customer service represents the organization from the inside out view through its commitment to the policies and procedures of the company, while the customer experience represents the customer itself look. From the outside to the inside it puts itself in place of the customer and design and decides on the basis of that.


The customer service depends and trains the employee with regard to their form and the way they speak (ie hearing and consideration by the client) while the customer’s experience is concerned with the five senses (Hearing, seeing, tasting, touching, smelling) In addition to what some call the sixth sense: emotion.


The customer experience will not work unless the culture of all members of the organization is customer-centric, while the culture of first-line staff is customer-centric. To succeed… Although the second is rarely achieved in the absence of the first.


Customer service is interactive, its role only comes after the event, while the client experience is proactive in anticipating and dealing with problems before they occur and interactive after the emergence Event too.


To review and analyze the impact of the incentive and bonus ladder to ensure that it does not negatively affect employee behaviour towards the client, and with the legal department in order to cancel Or add some clauses of contracts that make the relationship between the client and the company more just, and with human resources in the side of the employee experience that significantly affect

On the experience of the client as well as in the development of a mechanism of selection and nomination of first-line employees, and proposes to hold several activities to upgrade the merger of employees and finally

Not least with the training department in spreading the culture of the customer experience, and do not forget its important role in shaping the strategy of service and customer experience with Transformation management/strategy has a role as well with marketing management to make sure that marketing promises what customers can do. while looking at the intersection of management Customer Service With the rest of the organization we find that the role is limited in comparison


The client experience will not work if it is not under the umbrella of the most influential and influential organization regardless of the name of the management of these influential people, and this does not Apply to client service management.

If you want to shorten the difference by one sentence it will be: The customer service aims to help the client and fulfil his requests to satisfy the service while aiming customer experience

To achieve the needs of the client with the industry positive feelings make the customer happy to experience the experience not only make him satisfied but turned him into an ambassador speaking

For everyone around him positively about the experience that exceeded his expectations.

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