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Customer Service Trends in 2019

The nature of customer service has changed significantly recently, and has been developed to meet customer demand and requirements, and has evolved as a result of the introduction of new technologies. New trends have emerged in the field of customer service and to identify the most important customer service trends in 2019.

Life Chat published a report on the annual customer service for 2019, with data from 25,000 companies, through 19 live chat industry, analyzing 427 million chats and 47.4 billion site visits and measuring customer satisfaction.

Reduced customer satisfaction every year. Customer satisfaction in 2016 fell from 86.35% to 83.54% in 2017 and 82.26% this year,  so customer service has been enhanced to enhance their experience with the brand and increase their satisfaction with the company and its various products and services.

Major customer service trends in 2019

Customer service has taken many steps over the past years, moving from customer service over the phone to e-mail conversations and direct chat with customers, especially when the customer asks for help. One of the most important trends in 2019 is the following:

1. Measuring customer expectations

 You measure customer expectations in order to meet their needs. Measuring expectations will help you to understand customers so that they can meet their needs. You can measure them quantitatively on a range of clients and help you measure customer expectations to monitor the industry.

2. The first response time is no longer important

When we observe the first response time to the customer’s request and satisfaction, we did not find a direct link to customer satisfaction from the company by the first response time, as customers’ expectations exceeded the expectations of the companies, where the client could wait some time for the service, his loyalty to the company, , Did not make customer satisfaction due to the first response time.

3. use of modern software and web hosting

Where the software and hosting sites provided by the technology companies have proven their success in improving customer service, satisfaction with the company, and ensures you deal with the customer for a longer period of time to solve its problems, thus providing a great experience for customers where they can communicate quickly and at any time with these programs when faced with any problem.

4. Use technology to win customer satisfaction

Where IT companies achieved the highest level of customer satisfaction, reaching 87.3% this year, a significant increase over the previous year. Customers’ satisfaction reached 82.26% in 2018, which underscores the importance of using technology and modern technology in customer service.

Many support tools have been integrated into customer service such as live chat with CRM software, resulting in access to historical customer data, residential factors and products purchased through direct conversation. Archived conversations, which help solve customer problems.

5. Using artificial intelligence in developing customer service

Many companies used artificial intelligence techniques to develop customer service. They developed the artificial intelligence experience in the form of chat, such as the Chatbots experience, which provided an experience for customer service and satisfaction at any time and anywhere, has proven successful in responding quickly to the customer, His questions.

So look closely at the latest advances in artificial intelligence, add the latest technology to our customer service experience, help you improve customer service, get satisfaction, and save time and effort in providing better customer service.

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