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CX (Customer Experience) Improvement Ways

While some companies think they are at the forefront of quality through service and creating their own innovative customer experience (CX), the numbers come to tell a completely different story.

CX is defined as the sum of transactions between the customer and the company, both before and after the sale, while the customer experience strategy outlines the plans by which the company seeks to provide a positive experience through those transactions.

Ways to Improve Customer Experience

CX- Stop Imitating and Start Innovating

When it comes to distinctive customer experience, many companies simply mimic others.

In a survey conducted by Forrester on 100 customer experience professionals, 58% said that their companies innovate customer experience solutions by monitoring their direct competitors, and often “quote” those solutions from companies outside their field (approximately 72%). 

Citibank wanted to imitate the Apple Store so much so that they hired the same engineers responsible for its design to design their own future bank.
Your imitation of your competitors is more of a threat to your company than you think: First, your competitors may be unaware of what they are doing, and even if proven otherwise, does not mean that what suits them will work for you.

This type of thinking is dangerous and you will never be able to convince your customers of your company by imitating the quality of service standards of your competitors.

CX- End the painstaking experiences

Although Goodwill does not achieve your goals, keep in mind that most customers are not waiting for you to impress them. They simply want their problems to be solved with minimal losses.

Customer satisfaction and loyalty are achieved by reducing the amount of effort they have to make to solve their problems. This does not mean you have to stop offering your customers a great experience, but it is better to spend your energy on making it easier for them to get help and reducing their need to ask for it in the first place.

customer experience

Do not use technology as a crutch

The most influential customer experiences are still those that involve an unforgettable employee-client interaction, in other words: it’s still about people.

So why are so many companies still relying on technology to deliver their services?

The problem is not technology but its use without considering the needs of your customers (technology for technology), which often ends up in disaster.

Make sure that your improvements are geared towards solving the problem your customers are already experiencing.

Rethink opportunities before acting

One academic research has shown that the best creative ideas and solutions emerge during brainstorming, which depends on contemplating the problem from multiple angles, as Einstein said:

If I have an hour to solve a problem, I will spend 55 minutes pondering the problem and 5 minutes trying to find a solution.

Companies must understand and assess customer needs, before researching the best CRM strategies. This may seem obvious, but according to the example of the insurance company mentioned above, it is clear that companies tend to create new applications and tools before ascertaining whether they are really beneficial to their customers.

Mix the experience with the brand

Many customer experience innovations are closely linked to the brands they first adopted, and in many cases, the idea is only as unique as the way it is presented.

For example, the IKEA furniture assembly instructions are inspired by the dashboard of the Mini Cooper model and the cheerful style of customer service at Zappos.

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