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Difference Between Customer and Consumer

Customer and Consumer are words that businessmen use in the field of business, and marketing to describe those who use product or service. Let’s through this article discuss and tackle in detail the Difference Between Customer Vs Consumer.


The customer is the person who buys the goods or services. Generally, a grocery store has customers who come into the store to shop for food and household items. Frequently, customers aren’t loyal to a specific store.

He is the person who buys the goods or services and pays the price thereof. The word customer is derived from the term ‘custom’ which means ‘practice’, so the word customer means the individual or entity who purchases product or services from a seller at regular intervals. It can also be known as a client or buyer.

Customer Categories

Trade Customers: The customers who purchase goods in order to add value and resell them. These include Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Distributors, Retailers etc.

Final Customer: They are the customers who purchase it either for their own use or to hand over it to the final user.


A consumer is a person who uses or consumes a product. Everyone who participates in the economy is a consumer of goods. For example, say you go to a grocery store and buy a week’s worth of groceries for your family. You are the customer, purchasing goods from the grocery store. You go home and feed your family the groceries. Everyone in your family is a consumer of the products you purchased. However, you are the only customer, since you did the buying.

The word consumer is made from the word ‘consume’ which means ‘to use’. In this way, the word consumer means a person who purchases the product or service for his own use or consumption.

Consumer Behavior

Consumer behaviour can be broadly classified as the decisions and actions that influence the purchasing behaviour of a consumer. What drives consumers to choose a particular product with respect to others is a question which is often analyzed and studied by marketers.

Most of the selection process involved in purchasing is based on emotions and reasoning. The study of consumer behaviour not only helps to understand the past but even predict the future.

The Difference Between Customer and Consumer 

The distinction between a consumer and customer is very clear however it is essential to understand. Generally, a consumer is a user of goods. Every person is a consumer of goods at some level. If you eat food and wear clothing, you’re consuming goods. A customer, on the other hand, is a buyer of goods. For example, say you purchase a bottle of juice from a convenience store. You arrive at work and give the juice to your office manager to drink. In this case, you are the customer, and your office manager is the consumer.

Another important reason in the distinction consumer between customer is that customers can be firms that purchase and then resell products. In this respect, they are customers but not consumers of the products they purchase. They are reselling for another consumer to finally use the product.

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