Consumer Shopping Habits and Behavior Via Internet

US Consumers (More than 62%) that use online shopping at least once, in a month, More than 8 from 10 persons are satisfied with their online shopping experience. So let us discuss consumer shopping habits and Latest online shopping trends.

Consumer Satisfaction Levels

More than half (62%) of US consumers with internet access now shop online at least once a month. More than 8 to 10 (83%) are satisfied overall with their online shopping experience.

81% Ease of Checkout.

 80% Variety of brands and products offered.

73% The number of shopping options offered.

71% The number of payment options available.

69% Free or discounted shipping.

62% Ease of making returns and exchanges.

 61% Ability to purchase through a tablet application.

 58% Ability to contact a live customer service rep.

55% Ability to purchase through a smartphone application.

80% of surveyed consumers are more likely to purchase a product online when offered free shipping.

64% of consumers are more likely to purchase when offered free returns and exchanges.


Using Shopping Carts

58% Loading up their carts with an aim to purchase.

19% Using their shopping carts as wish lists.

13% load up their carts until they qualify for or receive free shipping privileges.

11% Abandon carts if the purchase decision falls through.

36% of online shoppers say they spend time to find out which site stocks their desired item at the lowest price.

50% of surveyed online shoppers use their smartphones and nearly 60% use their tablets to make purchases.

33% used coupons provided by online merchants for their purchases.

78% of online shoppers don’t look at a product in-store before buying it online.

31% expect to spend more on online shopping than they did in the previous month.

Time Spent on Retail Sites By Device

84 % of online shoppers refer to at least one social media site for recommendations before shopping online.

49% uses a PC.

37% uses smartphones.

14% uses of tablets.

60% of online shoppers like to receive an incentive or promotion from a brand before shopping.

time - consumer shopping habits

Social Media Sites Studied Before Making a Purchase

77% of Facebook users.

26% of Twitter users.

22% of Linkedin users.

18% of Pinterest users.

 Most Purchased Products Online

69% Consumer electronics.

67%  Books.

63% of Clothing and apparel.

38% of Household goods.

30% of Office supplies.

28% of Consumer packaged goods.

20% of Sporting goods

20% of Pet supplies.

20% Food & groceries.

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