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Consumer Applications of IoT

The usage of the internet became more common Nowadays, this is the main reason for appearing the term “Internet of Things(IoT)”. There are many IoT applications that are used in whole fields of life that consumer used. Here, In this article, we will discuss some types of these applications.

Consumer Applications of IoT

Smart Home 

It is the most important and common type of IoT applications. The idea also made it to major trend lists on the IoT applications.  By using IoT in home appliances we can enable automation and efficient resource management. it consists of 

  • Butler monitors supplies, family, and the state of your home. It takes actions to resolve any issues that appear.
  • Chef an IoT kitchen prepares meals or simply aids you in preparing them.
  • Nanny  IoT can somewhat act as a guardian by controlling access, providing supplies, and alerting the proper individuals in an emergency.
  • Gardner  The same IoT systems of a farm easily work for home landscaping.
  • Repairman  Smart systems perform key maintenance and repairs and also request them.
  • Security Guard It can observe suspicious individuals miles away and recognize the potential of minor equipment problems to become disasters well before they do.

Wearable Tech

it is a technology that can be incorporated into clothing or worn on the body as implants or accessories like smart watches and glasses are picking up quite smoothly. 

In health, Wearables can be used to collect data of users including:

  • Heart rate.
  • Calories burned.
  • Steps walked.
  • Blood pressure.
  • Time spent exercising.

In entertainment, Virtual reality headsets and augmented reality glasses have come to exemplify wearables in entertainment. The influence of these virtual reality headsets and augmented reality glasses are seen mostly in the gaming industry.

In fashion, Fashionable wearables are designed clothes and accessories that combines with functional technology. Clothes allow possibilities for the dynamic customization of clothes. All clothes have social, psychological and physical functions. 

Asset tracking

There are ways that businesses are using asset tracking to impact their bottom line:

  • Extract real-time information to make smarter business decisions.
  • Replace inventory at the right time to maximize profitability.
  • Locate and identify any lost or stolen items for better theft prevention and recovery.
  • Monitor event alerts and takes immediate action to reduce the negative impact.
  • Offer new services to customers such as proactively replenishing parts or supplies.

Personal Assistants

it can perform tasks or services for an individual. These tasks or services are based on user input, location awareness, schedules and API data such as weather or traffic conditions, news, stock prices etc. Personal assistants are similar to bots but usually have some form of AI component. Key to modern Personal assistants is their Natural Language Processing (NLP) capability as well as their ability to analyze data to improve results. When integrated with automation software, they can trigger automation using verbal commands. Amazon Echo, Siri and Google Home are the most popular consumer-targeted Personal assistants.

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