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Common Types of Brand Awareness

Building brand awareness is the best thing you can do to promote your business and to ensure that you achieve the best results in terms of spreading and increased profits. When your brand name is associated with the lifestyle, personality and purchase habits of consumers and customers, it increases their brand loyalty and their transformation from customers to fans and loyal customers. This is what brand awareness is. Knowing the different types of brand awareness will help you to pinpoint which one is suitable for you in your advertising and marketing campaigns for your business. Here are the basic types of brand awareness.

1. Brand Recall

Brand recall is a marketing metric that indicates the extent to which brand is recalled with a product type, service or class of products by the consumers. Brand Recall is the level of instantly remembering the name of the brand if a product, service or any other kind of brand association comes up. it is measured as a percentage by sending out a survey and simply divide the number of survey respondents who correctly identified or suggested your brand by the total number of survey respondents. Then multiply the result by 100 to convert it to a percentage.

Brand Recall can be split into two different types (aided and unaided). Unaided brand recall is where customers can recall or remember the name of the brand without any sign or hint. Aided brand recall, on the other hand, requires an external sign or hint of this recall.

2. Brand Recognition 

Brand recognition is the extent to which a consumer can directly recognize a particular product or service just by its attributes and design elements such as illustrations, designs, graphics, slogan, packaging or advertising campaign. that is because of an organization repeatedly provided its consumers with a consistent visual or auditory signifiers in advertising and marketing campaigns. It differs from brand awareness, in that it refers to mere knowledge of a brand.

3. Top-of-Mind Awareness

A measure of how readily occupying a brand a privileged position in consumers memory, being the first answer that an asked individual remembered spontaneously, on being questioned regarding a specific category in any evaluating test for brands. the final decision is affected by external factors such as the price of the product or service, accessibility to market, social determinants and also an effective competition. It is represented in the percentage mostly. From these percentages, the awareness level of the brand can be calculated and the effectiveness of the advertisement.

When the top of mind awareness is high for the brand, Customers will specifically ask for this brand in any store and ask about it even if they have other options. Sometimes, the product category is determined by the brand.

4. Visual Branding

Visual branding is one of the most important types of brand awareness, and powerful piece of building a brand`s identity, personality and awareness. It is made up of the visual elements of your brand identity such as logo, Typography, Fonts, Color Palette or Color Scheme, Texture & Patterns and Photographs or Imagery which is helping your clients and target audience recognize your brand as potentially one they might consider working with.

5. Marketing implications of brand awareness

It is important after you recognize the types of brand awareness, you start to know about their relevance to marketing and how it impacts the marketing program. This process is moving consumers from brand awareness and a positive brand image to the score actual sales and profits, This is done through gain conversions from advertising and marketing campaigns and its support elements in the marketing program such as telemarketing or direct selling and other promotional activities. Accordingly, the advertising message may push consumers to direct sales contact centres as part of an integrated communications strategy. Many different techniques can be used to transform brand awareness into sales including special pricing, special promotions, and attractive trade-in terms or trade warranties.

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