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Top Cheapest Credit Card Processing Companies For 2019

Business owners today recognize that it’s extra critical than ever for you to take delivery of credit score playing cards. Customers convey much less cash and rely upon credit and debit playing cards for most of the people of their purchases. If you’re an eCommerce service provider selling online, taking “plastic” is just about your best alternative. Unfortunately, you commonly can’t accept credit score cards except you’ve got a merchant account, and merchant accounts aren’t unfastened. In truth, they may be very cheap-priced specifically for small business in case you select the incorrect issuer. The credit card processing companies are bewildering, especially for a first-time business owner.

Cheapest Credit Card Processing Companies

Payment Depot

Payment Depot is a wholesale payment processor that can be cost-effective for certain businesses processing above a certain threshold each month. Depending on the plan you sign up for, Payment Depot will charge you some fixed amount per transaction, between $0.25 and $0.05, plus the interchange fee.

Best Choice For All-Purpose, Large-ticket, Clover POS.

Retail Rates 0.00% + $0.15 markup.

Basic Monthly Fee $49.

Payment Depot


Fattmerchant based in Orlando, Florida, is revolutionizing the payment technology industry by offering powerful credit card processing for small to medium-sized businesses across the United States. Fattmerchant is simply better payment processing.

Best Choice For Large-ticket, All-in-one, Recurring billing.

Retail Rates 0.00% + $0.08 markup.

Basic Monthly Fee $99.



Payline Data Services LLC is an industry-shaping payments company that powers killer payment experiences for a wide range of merchants. Established in 2011, Payline has rapidly ascended in the highly competitive payment processing industry. Today, Payline serves nearly 10,000 merchants and processes $2 Billion in annual volume. In 2017, Payline was honoured with a second consecutive year on Inc. Magazine’s 500 Fastest Growing Companies list. Headquartered in Chicago, IL, Payline is built on a foundation of providing opportunities for employees and customers to achieve their greatest potential and giving to those in need.

Best Choice For  All businesses, Mobile, Retail.

Retail Rates 0.20% + $0.10 markup.

Basic Monthly Fee $10.


National Processing

National Processing is a merchant processing company provider located in Utah. We offer broad selections of products for small to large companies that can assist your company’s growth. You will significantly love the system of financial companies with an amazing range of services and products by companies in the electronic payment processing market.

Best Choice For Canada, Restaurants.

Retail Rates0.20% + $0.10 markup.

Basic Monthly Fee $9.95.

national processing

Square Payments

Square charges a fee of 2.75% on every credit card transaction. Square is regarded as a useful app for entrepreneurs, including, for example, consultants, food truck operators, and traditional retailers. Swiped payments are deposited directly into a user’s bank account within 1 or 2 business days.

Best Choice For Small-ticket, Canada, Mobile, eCommerce.

Retail Rates 2.75%.

Basic Monthly Fee$0.


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