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Brand Design With Its Stages That Help Your Business

Competition between companies that take the brand to discriminate between them and competitors in the labor market has become very fierce, which helps customers to easily identify the product and distinguish between them so that customers can reach what is known as loyalty to the product so the Brand design is very important.

Strong brands stand firmly behind successful products, It should be known that a strong brand is still standing steadfast among so many other brands, and a very powerful brand always stands behind every successful product.

Recent global product innovation surveys have indicated that up to 59% of individuals tend to buy brand new products, or 21% are willing to buy a particular product if the product comes from a brand they prefer or have Loyalty towards them.

What is The Brand and Brand Design

It can be called many words, whether brand or brand, it is a collection of modern and special terms used in the fashion industry.

According to the language dictionary, a trademark comes within commercial terms, which means a unique design that may be a symbol, a symbol, a word or a combination of letters, numbers, and even a design that creates an image that defines products and distinguishes them from other competing products in the labor market.

The brand can also be defined as an optical representation that links individuals to a particular company or product, and that the identity of the brands that are dynamic or interactive is what helps them connect to customers because they reach a high level of credibility and quality for individuals or consumers.

How to Set Up a Strong Brand

Before starting to equip your brand, you must be aware that the development of strong and credible brands depends not only on the aesthetic features of the brand elements but also on many details, including the emotional impact of the brand shape of customers.

It also depends on the branding of the message that is supposed to reach customers and customers with your products, when you look at that brand for other products, and here comes the role of designers where professional designers should care about the business objectives of your product or company before designing your own brand.

Designers should conduct what is known as market research and product target groups for your brand, and you should know that marketing professionals are not only qualified to create a brand but can be drawn from customers or the market itself.

Stages of Brand Design

The design of the brand goes through 6 different creative stages, which should pass through in order to arrive at its proper design:

First: Identify the business objectives and personal identity of the brand design

Of course, the brand design team does not need all the institutional functions of companies, but start designing the brand without knowing what the company is offering or its objectives, or standing up for the priorities and values ​​of the brand that is being designed for the brand design team to know and know the company’s direction. And the way they will walk.

The design of the brand form without knowing the basics of the company is like drawing a painting from a photograph, for example. The process does not work very well, and it will be a completely insensitive brand that does not give any message or meaning to customers.

Second: Market research phase and customers

During this phase, necessary steps are identified in order to reach the types of work to be done by the design team whether to start a logo or application for the phone. The research strongly contributes to indulging in the future branding environment and helps to understand the characteristics that may affect their success.

Here, the design team is researching the market for information about it and about potential competitors. The design team benefits from past competitors’ experiences, whether successful or unsuccessful, in order to come up with a new design and unique brand.

The design team will then conduct another research on users to deepen their understanding of their details and psychological characteristics in order to communicate with them as required.

Third: logo design phase

Here, the design of the logo and the design of the brand should be distinguished, because this is the process of design of the brand identity of the product or company, and is the most important symbol of the form of trademarks and is the basis for effective marketing strategy within the company.

The design phase of the logo also begins at the beginning stages: “task identification, user research, market research, creative research, pattern selection, color palette selection, logo testing in different environments and sizes, Correct and wrong to use the logo.

After the logo design phase is completed, the designers move to the test part.

Fourth: visual elements of the brand

Logo design is not the only visual representation of the brand, but its main focus, and there are more visual elements that deserve attention besides the design of the logo, including the printing element and Mascots.

Mascots are what companies generally look for to personalize a brand, and designers use it because they are characters designed to represent the brand in a symbolic way.

Fifth: the stage of the introduction of the brand style of enterprises

During this phase, the logo is fully ready and the palette and other visual elements are selected

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