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Best UI Design Tools That Used to Modify Website

The programmers seek to design the user interface that is used in hardware and software such as a computer, mobile devices and other electronic devices by using UI design tools, which focuses on user experience and usability. The goal is to make the user interaction with the device as simple and efficient as possible to reach the goals of users.

Best UI design tools


Is a collection of very useful applications for a number of tasks in a typical project, primarily the application of wireframe is a good tool for alternative models that can be used, especially if you test some new ideas.

If you just need to create wireframes, you’ll use a Mockflow because it works on initial ideas and quickly builds basic designs, which is sometimes all you need to get ideas in a neat format.


I recommend you use Balsamiq if you want to create a fast wireframing, where you can quickly put the structure and schemes of projects with ease, drag and drop elements that make life easier, and you can link buttons to other pages, this means you can start designing the user interface and then share with your team Or customers.


Is one of the best user interface design tools on the market and used for more complex projects that require dynamic data. Axure also focuses on harnessing the most technical projects that require additional attention when it comes to the structure and data of these projects.


A very popular tool within the design community that enables you to design user interface such as hi-fi interfaces and prototypes, one of the great features of using sketch is the icons where you can design user interface elements and elements for reuse, this helps to create design systems and maintain your interfaces In a harmonic format, you can also easily export your design to a clickable prototype if you are an InVision user, and you’ll also have to make sure you check the Kraft plug-in.

InVision Studio

This tool will help you design the interactive user interface with the availability of many features. You can create custom movements and transitions from a number of signals and interactions, and you can stop thinking about creating multiple graphics boards for multiple devices because the responsive design can be achieved within a single painting. This saves a lot of time, so you can think of more ideas.


Powerful competitor to create vibrant models of raw ideas full designs, tool also provides a lot of possibilities for your projects, including detailed animation and vector animation very customized, you can start by developing the initial ideas with hand-drawn pattern, then work on them In wired and finished frames with a high-precision prototype, plugins such as drawing and Photoshop are also available for design using other tools, other features like user testing helps to validate your designs.


The FIGMA platform is a collaborative design tool where many users can work simultaneously on a project. This is very effective when you have multiple stakeholders involved in a project involved in shaping the result. This type of tool is ideal if You had a living project that needed the developer, the author and the designer, to work on something at the same time.

Framer X

It is a new design tool that deserves the attention of experienced user interface designers who want more of their tools, make models and create interactions easier, as you can design and code in sync, and in addition to being a great tool, there is a strong community of designers behind Framer X offering interface design tools User and groups.

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