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Best of Fintech Apps

Financial technology(Fintech) has evolved in the past few years and is still in constant evolution as there are four major categories: B2B banks, business customers, B2C for small businesses, and consumers. Trends in mobile banking, more accurate data and analysis, and more decentralized access will create opportunities for all four categories to deal in unprecedented ways. In this article, We will discuss the best Fintech apps.

Best of Fintech Apps

Square Cash

It is a cash transfer service launched by Square. Square Cash allows individuals to send cash amounts or bitcoin to each other using a dedicated mobile phone application or via email from a linked debit card. It is used for personal business, such as a yard sale. the prepaid cards not allowed, gift cards or credit card using  Square account. It could be used as a money transfer system.

Square Cash

Robinhood mobile app

It is a Fintech app that used in Investing without fees. It receives $0 commissions on self-directed individual cash or margin brokerage accounts that trade the U.S. listed securities via mobile app or online. Relevant SEC & FINRA or other fees may still apply. It is a free-trading app that’s ideal for investors who want to trade stocks, options, exchange-traded funds and cryptocurrency without paying commissions or fees. The service is innovative, cutting out nearly all costs that are typically associated with investing.

Robinhood app


It is a social media platform designed for sharing ideas between investors, traders, and entrepreneurs. The company was co-founded by Howard Lindzon and Soren Macbeth in 2009. The company received the first annual Shorty Award in the 2008 finance category. In 2016, With about 1.5 million monthly active users, StockTwits currently attracts an audience of young professionals, with 60% of its users under 44.



It is a Fintech startup that develops tools for personal finance management and budgeting for individuals and small businesses. BudgetBakers’ main offering is the personal finance app Wallet, which is available on Android, iOS and as a web app. BudgetBakers has been a pioneer in the Czech fintech revolution. It was also selected as one of the 40 growing startups to attend Google’s recent CEE All Stars event hosted at its entrepreneur space, Campus Warsaw. Wallet by BudgetBakers was also awarded Google Play’s Editor’s Choice Badge and was in the list of the 10 best lifestyle apps in the Czech Republic of 2017.



It helps hundreds of thousands of people worldwide to get their money into shape. Spendee helps you to get your finances into the shape so that you don’t need to stress about every dollar that you spend. If you know how much and what on you spend, it is easier to change your financial habits if you feel like that’s what you need.

Spendee 2.0

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