Best E-wallets In Egypt 2019

e-wallet in egypt

Fintech App In Egypt, E-wallets appeared in last years on a wide scale. E-wallet enables purchasing items online with a computer or using a smartphone to purchase something at a store. So we will show you in this article the most common E-wallets in Egypt which became used widely.

The Central Bank supports the applications of electronic portfolios in Egypt in line with the efforts of the Egyptian government to implement the electronic payment system and access to the handling of sophistication, in order to keep abreast of advanced banking technologies around the world.

It seems that the activity of banks and mobile marketing companies that urge customers to join the electronic portfolio contributed to the increase in the number of accounts, but the weakness of services and the difficulty of implementation in some cases led to a decline in the proportion of electronic portfolios effective.

Best E-wallets In Egypt

QNB Al-Ahli E-wallet

It offers a variety of payment services to cope with the quick pace of life by redefining the way to perform daily financial transactions. It allows to transfer money and pay bills directly from mobile in a convenient, fast and secure way. QNB Al-Ahli E-wallet features:

  • Load E-Wallet with ease from QNB ALAHLI bank account.
  • Deposit money by visiting any of “Fawry” retailers that are scattered across the governates or through any ATMs with Tahweel logo.
  • Withdraw money from your E-wallet, by visiting any of “Fawry” retailers that are scattered across the governates or through any ATMs with Tahweel logo.
  • Inquire and pay different types of bills including Telecom, internet, utility and traffic fees through a wide range of “Fawry” services.
  • Top up mobile phone easily.
  • Pay donations, subscriptions, insurance premium, tickets and more with Fawry services.
  • Transfer money in-between Mobile wallet holders in Egypt.

qnb alahli - e-wallets in egypt


CIB E-Wallet

CIB bank offered an electronic wallet to facilitate Financial transactions and purchasing from online stores. Wallet Limits have now increased to be:

  • Maximum Wallet Balance Limit: 10,000 EGP.
  • Maximum Daily Transaction Limit: 6,000 EGP.
  • Maximum Monthly Transaction Limit: 50,000 EGP.

cib wallets

2DFA3 E-wallet

It is an e-wallet that provides the safest, most secure and most reliable way for online payment in Egypt. It is fast and convenient, a click away to proceed with payment, no need to fill in your credit card details every time you need to pay. 2DFA3 E-wallet features:

  • After charging your wallet, all you do is click pay. It is as simple as that.
  • Your e-wallet payment is almost instantaneous. Once payment has been made, the transaction is automatically recorded for later viewing.
  • All your account information is encrypted. This means your data is safe from fraud.
  • The more you use 2DFA3 e-wallet, the more you get loyalty points to use with our different services.
  • You can easily refund your money without any hassle through any of our networks.
  • You have full control to create sub-accounts and simply transfer money between both accounts.

2dfa3 e-wallets

Alexbank Ma7fazty

It enables you to perform daily payments in a safe and convenient way. Alexbank Ma7fazty features:

  • Send Money Ability to transfer money from one person to another (from any mobile wallet to the other).
  • Cash In & Cash Out Cash out and deposit money to your wallet from any ALEX BANK branch or Fawry Agent.
  • Purchases Pay for goods from any merchants who have the MasterCard Mobile Logo in Egypt.
  • Fawry Services Mobile top-up, utility bill payment, car licensing, donations, ADSL payment and more.
  • Load Wallet Load your wallet through linking ALEX BANK debit or/and Credit Card to customer’s wallet (for ALEX BANK customers only).
  • My Balance Wallet Balance Inquiry.

alex bank- e-wallets in egypt

UB Digital Wallet

It is part of United bank in Egypt.  UB Digital Wallet features:

  • Check balance and payment history.
  • load your wallet from your UB account instantly (for customers) or from any of UB ATM also you can load your wallet from Fawry retailers.
  • Transfer money instantly from your wallet to any other UB digital wallet or any other Wallet upon a click.
  • Withdraw or Deposit your money from your wallet from Fawry Retailer or UB ATM or ATMs that have Tahweel logo.
  • Ability to check and review all your transactions details and balance.
  • Fawry Electronic services.

ub digital - e-wallets in egypt

BM Wallet

One of E-wallets in Egypt. It is part of Banque Masr. BM Wallet allows you to do:

  • Send Money “Person To Person”.
  • Bill Payment – All types of bills – Mobile, ADSL, Utility, Electricity, Water ..etc.
  • Top-Up / Airtime – Topping up airtime for recharging a prepaid mobile account.
  • Purchase.
  • International Remittance.
  • Online Card.
  • Cash In and Cash Out – Deposit or withdraw money from our network of banking agents – Retailers or through ATMs
  • Balance Inquiry and initiated transactions Log.

BM wallet


It is part of  Audi bank. It mobile wallet application is a new easy, secure, and smart tool that allows you to make everyday payments directly from your smartphone. Audi2Pay features:

You can register at Audi2Pay by visiting one of Bank Audi’s branches and filling out the registration form. Download the application for the service through the App Store or Google Play once you have registered your data and receive the activation code on your phone.

Bank Audi offers a wide range of services including deposit, withdrawal, receiving and transfer of funds easily, payment of purchases at any merchant with the logo of the transfer network, with the possibility of adding credit to the portfolio by linking Bank Audi credit cards and direct debit from any ATM.


Phone Cash

National Bank of Egypt (NBE) launched the “Phone Cash” mobile service to be the first bank in Egypt to provide a mobile payment solution which operates independently from the network of any mobile operator. Phone Cash features:

  • Available to banked and unbanked customers.
  • Available as of age 16+.
  • Deposit/withdraw cash through +20,000 Fawry outlets nation-wide as well as NBE branches.
  • Transfer money to mobile phone accounts in local currency only around the clock from anywhere & at any time in a matter of seconds and in the securest way.
  • Inquire about wallet balance.
  • The transaction log for the last 150 transactions.
  • Buy consumer goods.

phone cash- e-wallets in egypt



Online Payment Gateways in Egypt

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