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Best Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Platforms

Best Chatbot Platforms

1- IBM Watson

Watson has inherent natural language processing capabilities and can comprehend multiple languages – English and Japanese. The Watson Virtual Assistant that comes with the platform can be used to answer spontaneous user queries and can be customized to the needs of an individual business.

IBM Watson

Watson provides SDKs -Software Development Kits- for Node.Js, Java, Python, iOS, and Unity. It easy to start development and allows to deploy bots on messaging platforms, mobile devices, and even robots. The data on the bot is also secure as the platform allows users to opt out of data sharing. It also offers speedy integration with a wide array of networks, channels, and the environment.

Primarily developed for customer service, IBM Watson Assistant is a customized chatbot builder. The chatbot can be tailored to your business requirements. It is then trained & ready to go in just a few weeks. IBM has partnered with Topcoder to build the chatbot.

2- Botsify


it is a popular Facebook Messenger chatbot platform, that lets you build a bot without coding It uses a drag-and-drop template to create bots Integrated with Dashbot for its conversational analytics, that makes the machine learning, AI integration via plugins, and analytics integrations simple.

of course, People spend more time on messaging apps than on social media platforms, and Botsify leverages exactly on this point. They have 4 versions – Free, Basic, Premium and Business at different pricing levels.

3- Chatfuel

Chatfuel boasts of creating a full-featured chatbot in just 7 minutes, Even a person without any knowledge of coding can create their own bot on Facebook Messenger. It provides features like adding content cards and sharing them with your followers automatically, gathering information inside Messenger chats with forms, and letting users request info and interact with your bot with buttons. It’s also completely free!


Basically, It is an AI chatbot built to fuel Suitable Needs – Media agencies sharing news and communicating with their audiences, Sports teams engaging with their fans, restaurants provided reservations, businesses sharing info about their company, setting up FAQs.

4- Microsoft Bot Framework

The Bot Builder SDK provides the Direct Line REST API, which allows hosting the chatbot in any application or website. Hence, developers benefit from write once run anywhere methodology. It is also possible to incorporate Cortana for voice and Bing APIs for search along with LUIS in the Bot Builder. The LUIS can also be used as a standalone service with its C# SDK, Python SDK, Node JS SDK, and Android SDK. These benefits make Microsoft Bot Framework an ideal solution for platform agnostic needs.

Microsoft Bot Framework

The major benefit that the bot framework provides is integration with a whole tech environment. You can manage an intelligent bot that connects to a website, an app, Skype, Slack, Cortana, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, SMS & even Microsoft teams. Coined as the Azure Bot Service with cognitive intelligence, it can make smart recommendations, translate languages and even recognize users in images. It is built by integrating Microsoft APIs including Cognitive Services, Bing Search and Text Analytics API.

The framework has established its market in banking, travel and entertainment industries. The bot, of course, incorporates voice commands. MS Bot Framework can build powerful bots for enterprises allowing organizations to streamline their day-to-day operations. You can find the price listing here.

5- Dialogflow

is a mature bot creation platform perfect for intent-based chatbots. It uses information like examples, contexts, annotations etc. to match the user queries to a suitable intent. It then returns output as a JSON response object which is based on the actionable data in the query text.


Dialogflow currently has SDKs for Android, iOS, Cordova, Unity, Xamarin, HTML, JavaScript, Node.js, Epson Moverio, Botkit, .NET, C++, Python, Ruby, PHP, and Java. Total 14 languages are supported, it also integrates the bot with an array of platforms – Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Facebook Messenger.

6- ManyChat


Lets you create a Facebook Messenger bot – easy to use and free. Its primary aim is to level up marketing & sales for businesses. ManyChat boasts of creating a bot for you in 2 minutes using the drag and drop builder. The prerequisite is that your business will need a Facebook page for you to connect it to ManyChat. it also supplies you with just the right solution to nurture your leads.

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