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B2B E-commerce With Definition and Examples

E-commerce is one of the factors of economic growth. A high rate of profit is achieved by buying and selling products and services through the Internet in the easiest way. B2B Ecommerce is also dependent on electronic payment methods, which have greatly contributed to providing great job opportunities for people to work from home or anywhere.

Ecommerce is the exchange of products, services or information through the sale and purchases through the Internet, through websites specialized in electronic commerce or retail.

Ecommerce is involved in many disciplines including accounting, business law, consumer behaviour, economics, finance, engineering, human resource management, marketing and artificial intelligence, and information systems management.

Ecommerce from B2B companies

E-commerce is one of the most prominent types of e-commerce, where goods or services are exchanged between companies such as a company that manufactures raw materials sold to another company, and works in B2B e-commerce wholesalers and producers of raw materials, Wholesale trader, or wholesaler with a retailer.

Importance of B2B Ecommerce

Forrester predicted in a study published that the profits of e-commerce between B2B companies to about US $ 1.1 trillion in America by 2021, so B2B is one of the most important types of electronic commerce that contribute to the growth of the economy, especially because of low costs because all its operations are through the Internet.

Recently, there have been many online stores and websites offering their products and services through the Internet, thus opening the way for online purchases of companies instead of going to actual companies.

In addition, they contribute to the purchase of high-quality products in other countries, rather than having to purchase local raw materials of low quality.

The Most Important Examples of B2B Ecommerce

Samsung Corporation

Samsung is one of the most important suppliers of Apple in the manufacture of iPhone phones after reports indicated the withdrawal of Samsung to nearly $ 22 billion for the purchase of OLED screens provided specifically for Apple’s iPhone phones.

Apple Inc.

Apple is collaborating with leading companies in the manufacture of its devices, where it trades with Intel, Panasonic, Micron Technology to produce semiconductors and other leading companies in the electronics industry.

Car manufacturers

B2B is one of the most important types of car manufacturing, as some companies need some components from other companies, such as tires, batteries, electronics, door locks and other components that come into the automotive industry.

Service providers companies

Also involved in this type of trade are service providers companies, such as companies specializing in housekeeping, maintenance, cleaning, property management and maintenance of electrical appliances etc., which are carried out through a company to a company.

Amazon Company

Amazon is one of the most famous retail companies involved in this type of e-commerce. It provides the necessary products and services to companies, not just customers, so it is an important channel for buying from the best companies in all fields.

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